Where’s The Love For Wonder Woman?

FOR whatever reason, it’s become apparent that Wonder Woman (who will be referred to as WW moving forward) just doesn’t get the love she deserves.

The thing is, the world did once have a love affair with the legendary D.C. Comics character. Back in the 1970s, she was at the height of her popularity thanks in large part to the live-action television series starring Lynda Carter. But since then? She’s mostly been forgotten outside of a few minor roles and animated films.

In terms of the latter, it seemed as if WW was on her way back into the limelight as recently as 2009. A direct-to-DVD animated movie hit shelves that year and received plenty of praise from fans and critics alike, per Rotten Tomatoes. Yet, why is it that such an iconic figure was relegated to a mere animated movie? Even if it was such a solid offering, there’s really no good reason that Hollywood (and filmmakers in general) would steer clear of her narrative. That’s especially true considering the influx of comic book-themed movies that are released one after the other in the past decade. If Cat Woman can get a movie—and a god-awful one at that—why not WW? Are studios afraid of another flop starring a female comics-based lead? It seems that way.

To be fair, at least she received some adoration by way of a 2012 documentary entitled“Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines.” According to the Washington Post, the still-making-the-rounds film explores the history not just of WW but similar female pop-culture characters through the past 60 years or so including the Bionic Woman.

In the same sense, she’s been mostly kept out of the discussion of video games. Sure, she is a playable character in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Justice League Heroes, but elsewhere her appearances are mostly limited to appearances. It’s frustrating not only as a fan of hers but a comic book lover in general when the only place offering a true WW game is Betfair’s Arcade site. They’re actually pretty solid at covering the bases when it comes to comics-related games because Batman and Superman are on there, too.

Funny enough, they’ll appear alongside (or fronting, rather) WW in the upcoming, tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman film set for release in 2016. For those of you not following that movie, she will be portrayed by model-actress Gal Gadot, a 29-year-old native of Israel who at 5’9″ should be a solid fit for the role. All we know is that there definitely hasn’t been as much hubbub over her casting as there was when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman. Yet, the aforementioned Washington Post article raises a good point: “[Will] she play a character as powerful as Superman or Batman? Or will she need to be rescued as a damsel in distress?” Fingers crossed for the former.

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