The Review: Thai Square, Covent Garden

LONDON – with all it’s endless possibilities for adventure and having fun, can leave you exhausted.

There’s the constant FOMO knowing that there are a million and one cool bars, exhibitions and parties waiting to be explored coupled with the stress of commuting each morning.

But tucked away behind Covent Garden tube, there is a stunning, affordable day spa – Thai Square – which offers traditional treatments at affordable prices.

Let me start off by saying it’s AMAZING and I thoroughly recommend it.

I was invited to review one of their treatments, and I chose a Thai Square Signature Wrap.

Thai Square

Thai Square

I’ve never tried this before but since starting a fitness challenge three weeks ago, I thought it would complement my training, softening and smoothing my skin, boosting my circulation and totally relaxing me.

First of all, the place is gorgeous. It has a little garden out the back where you can chill out on yin and yang shaped seats.

I was ushered down to a treatment room downstairs and was given some delicious tea as my feet were tended to by my male technician.

Now, some people might be squeamish if they knew they had to strip off in front of a strange man… but I was assured he was the best man for the job and personally, I didn’t mind. You can (of course) request a female if that makes you more comfy.

His English was minimal, which I loved as it showed he was am authentic Thai masseur. He slathered me in a dark mud as I emptied my mind and concentrated on relaxing all my muscles.

Flipping over onto my back (protecting my modesty with a towel), he began to wrap me in the many layers of towels, proceeded by snuggling me in a heated blanket.

He then left me for 15 minutes to relax, and it was totally transcendent experience. It was literally like being a fat glow-worm, all wrapped up in warm blankets and totally relaxed and chilled out.

Thai Square

Thai SquareThe


Awakening me from my trance-like state, I was then asked to clean up in a little shower room off the side of the treatment room.

Now, this is where I have to apologise to Thai Square as I totally flooded the shower room! I don’t know how, but the shower head seemed to poke out into the drying area and I only clocked my mistake as my masseur threw down heaps of towels to stop the entire floor flooding. Sorry guys!

It was handled very graciously though, and squeaky clean, I hopped back onto the bed to be slathered in Thai oils.

The whole treatment took an hour, and costs £82. Afterwards, my skin felt silky smooth but it was nothing compared to the utter relaxation I had experienced for the last 60 minutes.

To book into Thai Square call 020 7240 6090 or visit their website here.

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