A sheer delight for autumn 

AS the nights draw in, it seems appropriate to swap a bright lip for a dark lip – and this La Petite Robe Noire in Leather Blazer from Guerlain is a beauty.

I thought it was going to be a matte or dense colour, but it’s actually a sheer plum, shot with gold making a beautiful tint on your lips.

Scented with bergamot, rose and raspberry – inspired by the La Petite Robe Noire fragrance of the same name – it really is a delight to wear. It’s lightweight, and feels super nourishing on the skin.

I love the idea of matching your lipstick to your fragrance too, feels very extravagant and chic.

Buy Le Petite Robe Noire in Leather Blazer, here. 

Black Lace Rabbit.. looks like magic 

I CAN’T stop staring at this lipstick – Black Lace Rabbit by Lipstick Queen.. isn’t it just so intriguing? 

Swatch2It has a sister product, which is a creme blush which has a deep purple sheer pay-off, so somehow I’d gotten it in my head that this would be the same formulation. Not so.

This lipstick has a sheer black pay-off, albeit inflected with a gold sparkle. I tried it on, and I looked like the Night of the Living Dead!!! My lips were a bit of a sheer dark black/blue shade which didn’t suit me at all!

However, since doing a bit more research, it also turns out you can layer this over your usual lippies to create a bit of a vampy look. Now, this I like. So will be experimenting a bit more and will report back.

A total gem for Halloween, but not sure I could rock this all year round.

Buy Black Lace Rabbit from Lipstick Queen for £22, here.

The metallic eyeliners of dreams 

AS soon as the colder months hit, I start obsessing over metallic and glitter make-up, and every year… it’s the same. 

SwatchHigh on my agenda is searching for liquid metallics that dry and don’t shift and these i-Art Precision Liquid Eye Colour from Sleek are actually something pretty special.

They don’t break the bank at £7, and come in a range of colours that take in some really nice golds, coppers and blues/greens… the whole kit and caboodle really.

They have a strong pigmentation and go on with a lovely thick shine, and then dry to a solid matte.

Growing up in the early 90s, there was a constant frustration with finding gorgeous metallic products that smudged and shifted and just never were as good as you expected them to be…. well, that has changed and these are a fantastic little treat for under a tenner.

Buy i-Art Precision Liquid Eye Colour for £6.99 here.


All I need is a good night’s sleep…

LET me caveat this post by admitting that I’m one of the few lucky parents out there who has a child who loves sleep. 

But even with my son getting his 40 winks a night, I’m still tucked up in bed by 9pm usually listening to The Guilty Feminist Podcast and heading off to the land of nod. I can’t fathom how people can stay up till midnight or later, and then wake up at 6am bright eyed and bushy tailed for another day at work, socialising or parenting.

I just need 10 hours sleep to function, so I’m really a huge advocate of the benefits of getting a full night’s sleep each night – just like Oldrids & Downtown. Some of the tips below include how to improve your home environment so that you can go to bed with a clear mind, and ready for a restful eve.

Read up on the tips for a great night’s sleep – and let us know, are you someone who burns the candle at both ends, or do you leap under the duvet each night with gusto?


Getting to Know the Laser Hair Removal Process

WHEN it comes to skincare procedures, few are more common than laser hair removal.

If you have been struggling with waxing or shaving away hairs in your own home then you know why.

There is an allure to the idea of getting rid of unwanted hair quickly and with as little effort as possible, especially after all the time you have probably put in shaving and waxing. But before you have a laser hair removal treatment you should get to know the process in detail.

Laser Hair Removal is Accurate and Quick

One reason you may want to have laser hair removal performed is that it is a quick procedure, which usually takes no more than about an hour. Although, the exact time can vary depending on the size of the treatment area. Also, if it is your first appointment ever at a particular clinic then filling out paperwork will take additional time.

A second reason why clinical hair-removal devices are so sought after is that lasers do not make human errors. When you shave or wax unwanted hair away at home you may miss a few hairs here and there. Lasers pinpoint each and every hair. They also treat the entire hair, including the root, which is known as a follicle. That complete treatment is what causes the hairs to take longer to grow back than they would after a treatment like shaving, which only removes hair above the surface.

Laser Hair Removal is Not Miraculous

Despite being accurate and convenient, there is nothing miraculous about laser hair removal. The hairs removed with lasers will take a while to grow back, but they will not stay away forever. Typically regrowth will occur within a few weeks. However, the hairs that return may be finer and less obvious, which means that you may be able to perform ongoing maintenance to remove them at home. On the other hand, you can always schedule additional laser hair removal treatments if you need to.

Not Every Laser for Hair Removal Can be Used on Every Person

Laser devices vary in type and strength, as well as in their targeting systems for locating hairs. Due to those variations and variations in human skin types, such as skin tones and oiliness levels, some people are not able to have certain laser hair removal devices treat their skin. You must talk to your clinician to determine the best device for your skin type if you want the most accurate results with the lowest risk of side effects.

The Laser Hair Removal Comfort Level

Laser hair removal is not completely comfortable. If you have a laser hair removal treatment then you will feel it. It will feel warm as the laser heats up your skin. You also might feel a slight zapping sensation when the laser beam makes contact with your skin’s surface. However, laser hair removal appointments are much more comfortable than electrolysis appointments, and many people say that lasers are more comfortable than waxing treatments as well. If you feel a lot of discomfort during your laser treatment you can tell your clinician, who can implement a course of action to make you feel more comfortable, such as applying a cooling cream to your skin. However, you may still experience temporary redness or blisters after the procedure.

Autumnal vibes with Monsoon Home in Bergamot and Fig

AS the nights draw in, and the evenings (and mornings!) are getting darker I like to make my house more cosy – especially with winter scents. 

The homewares range from Monsoon caught my attention as I have an obsession with fig. Home scents that are fig just are irresistible to me, and this is even more perfect when I saw the golden packaging.

The scent from the reed diffuser and the candle is so strong! You know how some scents just fade into the background? This is definitely not one of them! I have been moving them around all the different locations in the house to give a little boost to different rooms. The candle comes with a golden ‘roof’ which I find so luxe, and smells so beautiful. I now have it in pride of place in the living room.

They are so decorative, they would also make the perfect Christmas gift (yes I am already thinking about Christmas!) and at £17 each they are a lovely pressie for a sister, mum or aunty.

Buy the Bergamot and Fig Monsoon Home range here.

The perfect shimmer for party season 

ShimmerTED Baker just kills it with their romantic packaging and I love this body soufflé with a pearl glow infused in it. 

When looking for products to pep me up for party season this one just leaped out as the ‘go to’ to get nourished skin and a polished glow.

I love the opulent feel, and the pearlescent shimmer is the right side of lovely and glittery. A subtle sheen to kiss your skin before heading out on the tiles.

Buy Ted Baker Opulent Petal Shimmer Body Soufflé for £11, here.

Glamour magazine goes ‘digital first’

WHAT can I say, we’ve always been a bit ahead of the curve here at Pillow Mag. 
When we launched back in January 2010 we were a digital publication only. Over time we developed an excellent contributor pool of 12 or more brilliant writers, who have gone on to great success in agencies and publishing. This week, former Pillow Magazine editor Alyson Lowe has been tasked with heading up the digital strategy for Vogue UK.
So it’s no surprise that it’s time for Glamour to switch formats and change their strategy to being “digital and social media first” and cease publishing their monthly title from later this year.
It’s sad times for someone like me who has grown up adoring magazines. I was an avid buyer of Just 17, Sugar, Bliss, then later Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Mixmag and finishing with a subscription to National Georgraphic. My life’s passions can be tracked through magazine purchases. But it was clear from a long time ago that digital was always going to cannibalise the print market. Rather that ignoring it, embracing it was the only way forward.
Former Vogue boss Alexandra Shulman is facing critique in the news today for missing the boat on e-commerce, and taking a swipe at her replacement, and new Editor-in-chief Edward Enninful.
The new look Glamour will have a focus on beauty and will still publish a glossy bi-annual mag (guessing to trap the beauty advertisers).
The BBC reports that there will be editorial cuts from the Glamour team, which is particularly hard to bear. Good editorial is increasingly hard to find.

Lila’s Vintage Jewellery

I OFTEN receive compliments on my engagement ring.

Lilas_ALObviously, I absolutely adore it, and I always pause to look in the window of the vintage jewellers where my (then) future husband got it from because I just love their range of beautiful accessories.

Thinking of when we got engaged always makes me smile as we went for our favourite tapas and then ended up with our small baby in a pram at the Rivoli Ballrooms, drinking Champagne until the small hours and then getting a cab home. A one off!

So when I received an email this morning about Lila’s in East Dulwich, it prompted me to post a little something about it up here on the blog.

Lila’s have a gorgeous range of pre-loved jewellery ranging from rings to necklaces and more. They also created custom cufflinks and necklace for one of my best friends, using stones from their sons teething necklace.

Have a look at their full range, which has some affordable bits as well as running into the thousands.

Check out the full range from Lila’s here.




A Gin… distilled with bamboo charcoal

GIN is one of my favourite indulgences, so I’m always curious to hear about unusual variants that I may not have tried before. 

The craft of distilling English gin Kuro is inspired by one of my favourite countries in the world – Japan.

Inspired by a skiing trip to the Japanese Alps, it counts bamboo activated charcoal, silver birch bark, and spruce needles among its unique blend of botanicals.

Craig Fell, managing director at KURO Gin says, “KURO has been 18 months in the making and we’re delighted with the end product. This is something completely different in the world of gin, and we hope to have captured the experience of the Hakuba Valley alpine slopes in every serve of KURO. What started off as an idea during apres-ski has developed through many stages and taste tests, and we’re keen to hear the UK’s gin lovers verdict on our unique blend of botanicals.

“The thrill of the slopes, beauty of surroundings, and overall sensory experience has been contained in each of the 12 botanicals, namely the three lead ingredients, silver birch bark, spruce needles and bamboo activated charcoal, which make-up KURO’s core identity as an earthy, aromatic Japanese take on a London Dry Gin, which brings an intriguing alpine freshness to a classic spirit.”

Try Kuro gin for £45 here.