Texture and shine

I LOVE trying out a new product format and so when I got the chance to get my hands on some of the new Session range from Osis+ by Schwarzkopf I was really intrigued.

The easiest product to assimilate into my routine was the Miracle 15 styling balm which is weightless and nourishing and just generally a lovely product. The item I was most intrigued to try out was the Powder Cloud, which when I tested on my palm burst out in a thick grey smoke, but when diffused all over my hair clung onto my locks and added grip and texture. I like!

Sometime new products are a gimmick, but I actually think using a matte powder rather than a sticky spray actually makes sense. The rules of  dry shampoo apply here too – use a steady hand and watch out for residue, but I suffered with neither problem.

I’ve given the Coal Putty to my husband to test, and will report back.

Check out the Osis+ Session range from Schwarzkopf here.


Cheeky monkeys for a cheeky monkey

LIFE is getting more hectic as Rafa gets closer and closer to turning two. 

Some toys he keeps coming back to and te range from Hape has just captured his imagination.

This little Monkey Pop Up Track is part of a train set (we still need to buy the track!) and comes with a little yellow car that when you drive past the little brown ‘furry’ fellows they leap in the air! It has provided hours of play and has travelled everywhere with us (it’s a favourite for the nursery run!)

Hape are a great brand as they make beautiful classic wooden toys and sole do the toys that Rafa has had for ages have been forgotten but the ones from Hape are firm favourites. What can I say, the boy has taste.

Buy Hape’s Pop Up Monkey Track here for around £15.

Cherry lips

WITH skin as pale as mine, it takes a brave woman to rock this dark black cherry liquid lip velvet from Burberry.

However, this deep brown cherry colour is so fantastically impactful, I’m kind of addicted already.

This Burberry liquid lip velvet lipstick range has been totally hit and miss for me – two of the colours are amazing – this dark cherry hue and a pastel pink shade – and then one which resembles a concealer shade of neutral is just totally bizarre and only appropriate if doing a real sixties sex kitten look with washed out lips and feline flicks.

The texture is just as it states, that of velvet – so smooth and creamy and the colour stays put for hours. It’s definitely a masterclass in a luxe matte lipstick.

You can pick up a liquid lip velvet for £23, which is an investment for a lipstick but I would say worth it for such high quality.

Buy Burberry liquid lip velvet here. 

A fresh fragrance

ACCESSORIZE has come of age of late, and I’ve found myself browsing their range with green eyes of envy. 

As well as some quirky mirrored sunnies, and a splash of bright pops of colour for your wardrobe, they also have a beautiful fragrance called LoveLily which has made its way onto my beauty shelf.

It’s described as sweet and vibrant with notes of raspberry, orange and vanilla. I found it a lovely everyday scent (I’m a big fan of less expensive fragrances as well as designer ones).

It’s a lovely zesty, floral fragrance that is perfect for the daytime, before you link into a more sultry heady perfume for the evening.

Buy LoveLily for £19 here.

Nourishing my skin with Ixxi’s Detox Nightime Emulsion

I’VE found there to be two kind of face-creams out there at the moment. The more fluid gel-like serum which often is based around a vitamin (like Emma Hardie’s Vitamin C serum), or the more traditional cream-like formula like Ixxi’s Detox Night-Time Emulsion. 

I’ve found myself layering them up, as this emulsion feels so absolutely divine that I just want to slather it on and treat my skin.

The official line is that ” The detoxifying agent e­ffectively eliminates toxins that sature skin cells. Upon waking, the skin feels regenerated, signs of fatigue are attenuated and features look rested. Day after day, the skin is more luminous and wrinkles appear diminished, for a more youthful-looking face.”

I would say that this is one of my new favourite products. The formulation sinks into skin quickly, smells absolutely lush and I really feel that this is a winner for me!

Buy Ixxi’s Detox Night-Time Emulsion for £33, here.

Vanilla dream

I LOVE this scent from Baobab Collection – it has such a wonderful, heady scent of vanilla and makes the whole house smell absolutely amazing. 

Home fragrances are such an obsession of mine, I really love using them after a spring clean to make the house smell even better. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before our toddler gets all his toys out again, and the whole house is a mess, but at least it smells divine.

This spray is actually a tester for Baobab’s luxury candle collection, or diffusers, and it’s an absolutely exotic rush of such strong sweet yet earthy vanilla which is a fragrance the I just adore.

Some people aren’t into scented candles, but I absolutely love them. Yes, the Baobab collection is expensive (around £60+ for a candle) but for a really special present I would say that this range is worth it. It’s just so luxury and special.

See more of the  Baobab range, here.

The fight against golden tones

I WAS using blue-toned shampoos for aaaages, but I kept going into work and my colleagues would compliment my wonderful ‘grey’ hair. Meep! GREY! That’s not what I wanted!

So I moved away from using blue-toned shampoos, but stuck with a gentler and more subtle fix in the shape of a purple conditioner – like this one from KMS.

I’ve been a huge fan of KMS having used the brand extensively when I lived in Australia for six years. This Colour Vitality Blonde Treatment has kept the brassiness at bay,

I’ve toned down my hair colour since swapping a full head bleach for a more natural tone, so this conditioner has done a great job in just keeping my locks on track – a lovely natural, Champagne-colour, rather going too far down the gold/bronze look.

Colour Vitality Blonde Treatment is £14.29, and available here.

A 7am face mask? Why not!

IMG_0537NOW lie-ins are a thing of the past (hellloooo 6am starts for as long as I can remember), I can get quite a lot done between the hours of 6-8am thanks to a healthy dose of CBeebies.

So, in a bid to give myself a healthy, youthful glow this weekend I tried out this mask from Frank Body, handily called… Glow Mask.

It was SO lovely. Clung to my skin with a lovely smooth silky formulation, and left my cheeks feeling baby soft. It felt like a total treat, even if I was up at an un-Godly hour, and I’ll definitely be weaving it into my new morning routine.

Frank Body are a really cool and quirky Aussie brand who have built up a following on Instagram thanks to their Coconut body scrub (in awesome packaging) and their glitter scrub which is clearly social-media perfect!

Buy Frank Body Glow Mask for £15.95 here.


Reconstructing my hair with Honey & Hibiscus

MY hair has been in such a great condition since discovering Olpalex, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to give it some TLC in between bleach sessions.

I took this Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor by John Masters Organics to the gym with me, and so was using it every couple of days. It’s a lovely thick, creamy formula which feels luxurious when wrapped around your tresses.

This product appealed to me as it sounds delightful, and said you only need to apply for between 2-4 minutes, which sounded like an effective and quick solution to dry hair.

I think this has done the job, but it hasn’t set my world on fire. Some deep conditioners are like body butter – you can just feel them infusing your locks with moisture, and while this is a fine hair repair offering, it’s not one that has stood out for me personally. When you take into account that it’s an eye-watering £28, I think there are better, more affordable products available in the market. I would say it’s on par with a really great cheap conditioner.

Buy John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus for £28, here.



Spring flush

MY husband thinks that I have an addiction to lip balms. 
Whenever he asks for one I say I don’t have any but I seem to have a collection of them squirrelled away in every bag, draw or cupboard that’s possible… then still borrow his Vaseline.
One that is cute enough never to leave in an old bag, is Clinique’s new Sweet Pots sugar scrub and lip balm. At first it was like a Krypton Factor challenge, I wasn’t sure how to get the pot OPEN but you twist each side and with a bit of practise it’s not too difficult.
The sugar scrub is slightly tricksy as because it’s a tinted balm I’m always a bit worried about the darker colour going everywhere, but once applied it leaves a lovely rosey glow.