The hunt for the perfect shampoo & conditioner: label.m brightening blonde range

RECENTLY I have been doing home hair dyes, doing balyage on my hair using £4 packets of hair dye to great effect.

However before adding in the dark at my roots, I was still committed to making my hair the best blonde possible, and was using Label.M's brightening blonde range to keep my locks in top nick.

I tried out a trio from the range – the shampoo & conditioner, and the brightening balm and I loved them in equal measure.

Not too heavy on my hair, with a nice lather and no purple tone, I loved this brightening blonde range as it kept my locks nice and healthy without any purple undertones which always seemed to send my hair grey rather than blonde.

After battling with a long line of purple/heavy/organic non-foaming shampoos, this range suited me down the ground and rescued my tangled and battered hair. At one point I had been convinced I could have to crop it all off, but a few uses of this range and my hair was back to peak condition.

Buy Label.M's Brightening Blonde range, here.

The original

A CLASSIC is a classic for a reason – and this Original by Bronnley is a lovely men's everyday fragrance.

I asked my husband to describe it, and his description was that it's a "classic men's fragrance – highly masculine" which sets it apart from the more modern unisex fragrances that I've been trialling over the last few weeks.

It also has staying power. My husband wore it to work and when he got home, you could still detect the scent on his neck.

A good everyday men's fragrance.

Buy The Original by James Bronnley for £17 here.

The Light and Dark side

THIS line of fragrances is a surprising little gem – nestled away in the Leighton Denny range. 

The bottle designs don’t do the fragrances justice – the fragrances are much more exciting than the packaging conveys (the packaging looks a bit too High Street which is shame).

I’ve tried out two scents from the range. “Lively” which carries citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit entwined with beautiful white florals and a warm spicy accord of nutmeg, ginger, pepper and cardamom and base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, vetivert, ambers and musk’s completes this fragrance

I also tried out “Desire” – a celebration of dark woods including vetivert, patchouli and cedar tempered with moss, amber and crisp spicy elements of pepper and nutmeg with a citrus top note of grapefruit, lemon and bergamot is warmed by a heart of neroli.

Buy Light and Dark by Leighton Denny, for £43.50 here. 

Powder power

METALLICS are my hot new trend, so I’ve been exploring all the different ways to add gilt to my make-up routine over the last couple of weeks. 

This Moon Powder by Christian Breton is a multi-purpose rollerball shadow that you can use for eyes,  cheeks, lips etc although I’ve been using a dark copper which is only really appropriate on my lids.

The problem is that the rollerball is a bit clunky to use. It’s not any easier than using a brush. I think the easiest way to do it would be dispensing some powder on the back of your hand, and then using a brush to transfer to the face. It’s a bit of a faff.

However, the colour pay off is intense, and the colour is gorgeous.

Buy Christian Breton Moon Powder for 17 Euros, here.


Distorted Dreams

AS I look out the window, it’s absolutely pouring down with rain so I’m looking to Sleek’s Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette to give me a glow.

I need something to cheer me up! It’s August for God’s sake!

A mix of iridescent creams and powders, the Distorted Dream Highlighting palette is a magpie’s dream. There are two powders to dip into, and three creams to slick on, each with a different coloured sheen. The blue toned cream has a shot of glitter through it giving a subtle space vibe, whereas the pale cream is for unicorn fans. If you want to catch attention use the green-toned cream which is super eye-catching. The powders look innocent, but they have a shattering glimmer to them when caught by the light. Pretty impressive for a palette which is just over a tenner.

Plus, they promise that you will be “glazed AF” which I find pretty charming!

I literally can’t stop staring at my hand where i’ve just swatched the whole palette.

Buy Sleek’s Distorted Dream Highlighting palette for £10.99, here.

Ginning is winning

I’VE recently been attempting to stop drinking during the week, but when a bottle of Greenall’s gin lands on my desk, it’s extremely hard not to indulge in a tipple on a Monday night to get me through the week!

Plus, I’ve been looking for an excuse to get the glassware out from the wedding and feature on the site. These glasses were a bit of a novelty gift from my Aunty, but we’ve used them over and over as they are the perfect size for a big splash of gin and a slash of tonic, finished with a squeeze of lime.

How beautiful are these sunflowers too? I adore sunflowers and it’s my favourite time of year when I can grab big bunches of them and place them all over the house.

This Gin Extra Reserve is a travel exclusive (which means you can only buy it in Duty Free) and has a lovely dry flavour note. I find the Greenall’s range a great gin which taste delicious, and is still affordable. This bottle is less than twenty quid in the airport, and is a really good quality.

The official description says: “Greenall’s Extra Reserve has the traditional Greenall’s The Original London Dry Gin profile with sweet orange notes coming to the fore. The exclusive new expression builds on the much loved citrus element in Greenall’s The Original and via the addition of exotic citrus botanicals, including sweet Moroccan orange, Turkish grapefruit and Spanish lemon, delivers a wonderfully balanced and smooth taste.”

Buy Greenall’s Gin Extra Reserve next time you travel for UK Travel Retail RSP – £15.49 for 70cl.


So fresh and so Clean

IMAGINE the incredible fresh scent of newly cut grass, rustling green fig trees and and undertone of smooth, weathered wood encased in a beautifully-designed bottle, and capped off with a small neat block. 

Sel Santal by Clean Reserve is just that – a little bottle of absolute joy that has the most beautiful, heady fragrance lingering inside.

It’s a unisex fragrance and has a lovely strong bouquet which is completely free from any chemical smell, and lasts and lasts. This is because Clean Reserve believes in sustainable beauty, blended with raw ingredients for a unique fragrance experience.

Perfumer Patricia Choux says: “Inspired by vacations in the south of France, Sel Santal pays homage to these rich fragrant memories. Salty ocean air mingling with the aroma of fresh, green fig trees gives Sel Santal a natural, elegant introduction, while the distinct odor of weathered, wood furniture warmed by Mediterranean heat creates the perfect finish.”

She explains: “We ethnically source Violet Absolute from Grasse, by working together with local farmers, guaranteeing the conservation of their ancestral agriculture lands and their income, thus protecting the farmers from succumbing to real estate pressure in this highly sought after area. In addition we work closely with the Styrax Honduras native farmers, the Pech tribe, protecting their agricultural land, ensuring fair wages and donating to local schools.”

The fragrance’s profile is:

Top Notes: Mandarin Leaves, Bergamot, Nutmeg Tonic

Middle Notes: Iris, Salted Fig, Violet*, Hazelnut Cream

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Decadent Amber, Styrax*, Rose Musk

This is one of my favourite scents that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across in the last few years, highly recommended.

Buy Sel Sental by Clean Reserve for £79 here.


Feeling like a Queen Bee

ANYONE who knows me, knows that I have a slight obsession with bees and this rather splendid lipstick from Lipstick Queen is totally feeding my addiction – aptly named Queen Bee.

It’s a super soft, pillowy, luxurious lip balm with a glitz of gilt running through it. It’s loaded with nourishing properties to care for your smackers, and it just oozes gorgeous glamour. It’s enriched with Royal Jelly, Chamomile and Sunflower Extract and carries the scent of honey to complete the loveliness.

This is the crown jewel of the lip balm market, and I adore it. Definitely going to be a regular in my handbag.

Buy Queen Bee by Lipstick Queen for £20.



Eye polish from Pur 

SOMETIMES I like a beauty novelty, and sometimes it seems like a bit of extra faff. 

I’m still experimenting with Pur’s range of Eye Polishes but so far, I’m not quite convinced. The formula – which comes in a little pot with a silicone applicator wand – reminds me of Urban Decay’s brilliant eyes primer, but rather than just do a tube version of this type of product, this comes in a tricky little pot with a sponge inside, so is really annoying to apply.

The Eye Polish can be used as a base, on it’s own or as a finisher to brighten your make up look.  I personally would ditch the wand, and just dab it on with my ring finger.

To me, it just looks like any other standard eye cream primer or polish. It dries quickly, so forms a strong solid base for applying eyeshadow over the top, and has a strong metallic finish to make your shadow stand out. However, I wouldn’t invest in this again. It’s just too fiddly.

Buy Pur Eye Shadow Polish for £17, here.

My new favourite serum – Janjira marine radiant booster

THIS lovely little serum almost eluded my clutches this summer as I stashed it in a purse to bring back from the office to trial, and then completely forgot which clutch I had stowed it away in.

Luckily, after a good hunt through my wardrobe, I found this little unassuming bottle of joy and I’m so glad I did as it’s a really fantastic example of everything that a serum should be.

This little magic elixir is one of the best oil style serums that I’ve trialled. Instead of sitting on the skin and stinging your eyes (like examples I’ve tried in the past from The Body Shop etc) it sinks in straight away and immediately makes your skin feel tighter and refreshed. You can feel an immediate effect. I really love it.

The efficacy comes from ingredients including: “Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice, Algowhite™, Vitamin C & Vitamin B3.”

After smoothing this serum over your face, you then apply a day or night cream on top of the serum to give your skin an extra boost.

The Janjira range was born in Thailand and is a spa grade range of beauty products that are environmentally friendly and not tested on animals.

Buy Janjira Marine Radiant White Booster Serum for £36 here.