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The beach, a book and a bloomin’ big cocktail (and bad-ass kebabs) … Bodrum, Turkey

THE sure-fire sign that I’ve ‘arrived’ on holiday is relaxing in the sun with a piña colada.

Its a little ritual I’ve picked up along the way of my many adventures travelling.

So, book by my side, sun blazing down on the beach and a cocktail in hand… Now that’s what I call a HOLIDAY!

Aching for a beach-side AND pool-side break with uninterrupted sunshine and no obligation to do anything but relax, I booked a trip to Bodrum in Turkey with my boyfriend.

An apartment through AirBNB with a private pool seemed the perfect pick and for £40-£50 a night you couldn’t believe the value. Soon after booking I started checking the weather pretty much daily…. unbroken sunshine and 30 degree temperatures everyday. I had a feeling this was going to be good.

Even more importantly – Turkish is my absolute, could eat it every day it’s so delicious, favourite cuisine.

I love the grilled meat, the salad, the bread (oh! The bread).

I love the open grills, the flames licking the kebab skewers, the yoghurt, the garlic, the chilli. You can tell I love this stuff.

You can imagine how happy I was that eating out was cheaper than buying stuff for the flat. A meal without drinks set us back about £15. Drinks were more expensive at around London prices but if you got in the holiday spirit and didn’t mind a bit of blaring pop music – there were some deals to be had in some of the local tourist bars.

New things I learned about Turkish cuisine? Homous and halloumi aren’t on every menu!! In Turkey halloumi is called hellim. After some quick googling I realised that it originates from Cyprus.

As predicted the scrappy looking kebab shops are the best place for flavoursome, tender and freshly cooked grilled meat.

Our favourite place didn’t look like much and didn’t serve drinks but MAN was it tasty.

Up the road from our apartment in Gumbet was a place called Sul Mare. Their food was such good quality and the view!!! Amazing. Sitting on the balcony as the sun dipped beneath the hills was heavenly.

We spent three days over at Yahsi beach, a short bus ride away. The buses were run on an amazing system. You stand roughly in the direction was want to go (they do follow routes) and flag a minibus down…. Hand the money over to the driver and tell him where you are going and he’ll drop you off along the route. It’s chaotic but it works and everyone pays their fare, stands up for those less able to sit and is courteous and kind. Puts London commuting to shame.

Viras restaurant didn’t look like it would have the best food on the beach, but the grilled sea bass at Viras was divine and set us back a fiver each.

And of course – what else is there to do afterwards but grab my book, hit the beach, grab a lounger and indulge in a piña colada.






The Beauty Review: Hairy Jane Hair Perfumes

JUST when you think you’ve come across every type of product, a new one comes along to knock your socks off.

I can’t believe I’ve never tried hair perfumes before. They are the perfect addition to my hair styling routine.

Hairy Jane’s pocket-sized trio are packed with fragrant essential oils and free from parabens and sulfates but contain a protectant too so as well as making your locks smell amazing, they protect them from hear damage.

My favourite is the citrus as I adore fruity and fresh scents.

The floral and musk are earthier and more woody (naturally) and make for perfect autumn fragrances.

It’s far too early to talk about Christmas but they are top of my list for presents for birthdays in the mean time. When the box arrived in the post, it was beautifully hand-wrapped and such a treat. Guaranteed to make any girl glow.

The trio will set you back £17 which is a snip for three products.

Check out more from the range, here.





The Review: Human + Kind

I WAS chatting on FaceTime one night last month, when – in the middle of a conversation – I was surprised to be cheerfully informed that I have a dark patch of skin, clearly visible on my face.

After many moments poring over the mirror I decided to use a natural, paraben-free skin lightening cream to even out the dark patch that was so visible on screen.

I opted for a range of products that is new to organic and FairTrade beauty e-tailer Big Green Smile called Human + Kind.

Being the beauty-mad kind of girl I am, I also decided to pick up another product from their range – an anti-ageing cream.

When they arrived, I couldn’t help but swoon over the gorgeous packaging. I’m a total sucker for unusual and quirky design and I absolutely love the outerwear that the Human + Kind products come in.

I’ve been using the Skin Lightening cream fairly religiously (although I know that there aren’t going to be any miracles overnight and I’ll have to keep applying regularly) and I have to say that a little product goes a really long way. I only need a smidgen on my finger to cover the patch.

It seems to contain an ingredient which also acts as cover-up because after application sometimes I don’t even apply any more of a base. It seems to blend my darker patch into the rest of my skin so effectively that all I do is swipe on some matte lipstick and head out of the door.

My hard work so far has been slightly set back by getting a tan – which shows up any imperfections like this in a harsher light. But so far I’m pleased with the results.

Using a natural product also eases my mind as I don’t feel I am doing any damage that a chemical cream may do.

Human + Kind’s Skin Lightening cream is exclusive to Big Green Smile.

Take a gander at the whole range here.



The Review: Moisturising Body Sorbets from The Body Shop

BODY moisturisers are something I’ve never quite got to grips with.

Body butter, soufflés, milks, cremes, it’s something I want to master as part of my daily beauty routine, but it just doesn’t quite seem to fit.

For my face, I adore a night cream, a serum, an eye cream… The list goes on. But when it comes to slathering on cream to my body I get all of a muddle.

Do you apply after the shower? Or just before bed? How long does it take to dry (before you can go about your business). Or how about applying it when you wake up… A sloppy effort, a ruined silk dress later and the whole routine is out of the window.

However, I will persevere and the first ones to come under fire are these new sensationally-smelling Body Sorbets from The Body Shop.

I must pause here to let you know that I absolutely adore The Body Shop and that their range of make-up is one of my very top affordable beauty lines.

I’m happy to report that these body sorbets don’t disappoint. They smell incredibly fruity (oo-er), and go on just like a sorbet – a God send for thirsty skin. Then the formula sinks in quickly leaving a tiny hint of a matte texture behind.

For some this could feel drying but for me it feels preferable (so far in my moisturising trials) to a slick finish that you sometimes get from a cream.

They are perfect for a holiday (although you need to pack them in your checked in luggage) and I can’t wait to try popping them into the fridge for an extra-cooling effect.

They’ll set you back £8 and are available now from The Body Shop in Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit, Moringa, Mango and Strawberry.


The Review: VERSO Travel Series

I LOVE travel products.

There is something epically satisfying about luxe products in tiny packaging.

When that packaging is exceptionally designed, it makes the experience even more of a pleasure.

Packing a suitcase and nestling your travel beauties in with your summer clothes has endless appeal.

So let’s talk about VERSO’s travel trio. It contains a Foaming Cleanser, Day Cream + SPF15 and Night Cream.

The cleanser is pleasingly foamy, and scrubbed away all traces of my sun screen and make-up.

The night cream sinks in effortlessly. It’s not too surprising that after a day by the pool (in 30 degree heat in Turkey) that my skin was thirsty.

The day cream cleverly contains an SPF of 15 – giving a layer of protection (topped up by my factor 30 cream later on).

All three products contain lashings of Vitamin A, formulated to be safely during in the day.

And the packaging – swoon. The aluminium tubes and pouch would make anyone green with envy.

VERSO travel set is £40 and avails from Net-a-Porter and Selfridges.



The Review: This Herdy Table set is baa-rilliant (sorry)

TAKING a glance around my house, it looks a bit like an animal menagerie.

Alongside the green owl vase, bunny salt and pepper shaker and the pics of the birds and the bees hanging on the walls (quite literally, nothing rude here folks), are these extra cute table mat set from Herdy featuring the peeping face of a Herdwick sheep.

I absolutely love the orange set (see my sun-dappled pic below) but the range also comes in a a rainbow of colours including pink, green and yellow.

A second print is avails featuring little sheep’s heads printed across the mats and coasters.

At £13 for just one table mat and coaster set, I can’t say it’s cheap. Perhaps suited for a meal for two rather than when you have all your friends and family around.

Just make sure you don’t serve lamb.

Click here for more of the range.




The Review: Everyman Pop-up Outdoor Cinema at Battersea Power Station

DESPITE living in London for over a collective eight years, it’s a city that never fails to surprise me.

Ok, so it’s not always in a good way (especially when it comes to the price of a g&t) but more often than not it’s due to the relentless stream of culture that is available on my doorstep.

After living East for years it seems that it’s now the South’s time to shine.

Down by the river in the grounds of Battersea Power Station, a new pop-up outdoor cinema has launched.

On a balmy summer evening, I went along to the launch to try the cocktails (grapefruit Collins – so good!), food from Street Feast and catch a bit of Resevoir Dogs – a film I haven’t watched since I was about 15 (sorry mum, I know I shouldn’t have watched it back then!!).

I’ve only been to one outdoor cinema experience before and, being reckless, took a load of gin but forgot to take a blanket or anything useful – so I was relieved to see an array of bright bean bags and little couches that you can bed down on while watching the film at Everyman Cinema (NB the couches are pretty expensive and the bean bags are very comfy).

The sun setting over the imposing industrial surroundings of the power station was pretty impressive!!

Definitely one to recommend but make sure you take a bit of cash with you – cocktails are a tenner and good is around £7 for a burger/hotdog and a bit extra for chips.

More info here.





The Review: Dual Fix Foamer by Envy

I HAVE to admit that I didn’t really think that anything was going to get my battered locks into a decent shape.

However, I was willing to try all the tricks and tools of the trade.

Envy’s Dual Fix Foamer promises 12 different repairs to your hair including improving the shine, texture and increasing the volume of your barnet.

So here’s the dealio: you can whack it on your locks and blow dry it … Then wash as usual for an ‘intensive’ treatment. Or use it like a normal conditioner but leave on for 1 minute to soak in for a ‘regular’ treatment.

If you knew the birds neat that I have to tame every morning then you would understand why I went for the intensive option.

Despite my skepticism of anything able to take on my mane, I have to say… It worked! I combed my hair through properly and it remained softer and de-tangled and in a better condition. Impressed!

Dual Fix Foamer (200ml) RRP £19.95

Find out more at





Chocolate and Shoe-aholics Unite

THEY say that chocolate makes everything in life better, and I have to admit that so far I haven’t found any evidence to the contrary.

It seems Cadbury also agree as they have created their very own ‘joy boutique’ filled with creamy-style kicks after a new survey found that the British nation are obsessed with shoes (duh.. we coulda told you that and saved you some cash).

Myleene Klass, Jameela Jamil and a couple of former Made In Chelsea starlets were on hand to celebrate the pop up shop in Covent Garden in Central London.

Cadbury weren’t lazy with their efforts either – there were choc heels, trainers and flip-flops.

For more info head here: