Recreating a sultry Charlotte Tilbury look

EVERY TIME I see a Charlotte Tilbury ad on Facebook I end up screengrabbing it and saving it to copy the next morning.

The latest look to catch my eye was a feline cat flick using a pencil eyeliner and finished off with a slick of metallic eyeshadow to make the look pop.

So I saved it on my phone so I could try it out for myself using products from my current stash.

I used Kohl Kajal by Bourjois to create the all-important feline flick. Next time I’d prob use a proper pencil as although I used a brush to paint on the flick, it was pretty hard to control but I ended up with a lovely dark smudgey eyeliner base to work with. I actually topped it up at the end with Ciate’s Chisel eyeliner to add some definition.

To create the blended eyeshadow look on top (I created a more intense look than Charlotte did). I used a mix of old eyeshadows from my collection, including a loose powder from Aussie brand Napoloeon, a L’Oreal Brown duo and Pur Minerals eye polish.

For the base I used a Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation, finished off using my Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look palette to create a subtle contour.

I finished off the eye with mascara by La Rosay Posay and filled in brows using Goof Proof eyebrow pencil by Benefit.

This was one of my favourite looks I’ve tried out recently – my friend was fairly surprised when I rocked up to the local cafe with this glam look at 10am on a Tuesday morning with a toddler in tow.

I find recreating beauty looks and experimenting with make up a really good way to keep a sense of self while on maternity leave and quite meditative.

Now, I just have to wait until the next Charlotte Tilbury look to show up on my Facebook that I can’t resist copying!

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