Giving Skin Laundry a Spin…

I NEVER anticipated this day would come, but the time has arrived for me to tend to the skin on my neck as it’s in definite need of some TLC. 

I don’t particularly have wrinkles, or signs of aging above my years on my face but over the last few months I’ve noticed that the skin on my neck doesn’t have the same elasticity and with a little love I think it could look a lot more bouncy and bright.

So in a bid to give some care to my neck, I tried out this mask from Skin Laundry – a rejuvenating mask specifically designed for the neck and chest area.

So with my two-year-old parked in front of the telly, I decided to try this mask out last night (you have to apply it for 20 minutes, so I needed some calm time!)

I was slightly distracted as the instructions said to remove a plastic layer from the mask before applying but after 10 minutes of searching and getting more and more covered in the formula, I couldn’t find a protective plastic layer, so just had to take my chances and apply the cloth mask as I’d found it in the pouch.

It was a bit tricky to unfold and apply, but once on your neck it felt cooling and soothing. I left it on for about 30 minutes, and then removed the cloth mask and rubbed in the rest of the formula.

At £14 it’s not cheap so definitely set aside the time to apply the mask properly and let it get to work, but my husband assures me he can see a difference, and I’ll be extending my skincare regime to include my neck from this point forth!

Buy Skin Laundry Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Neck and Chest Mask for £14, here.

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