Mega moisture for dry skin

THIS Mega moisture cream for sensitive skin from Basq has been a lifesaver for my husband’s dry winter skin. 

In winter he suffers with parched patches of skin, and really needs a product that is super-charged, and can soothe and replenish the dry skin he suffers from.

When he asked me to help him out with a moisturiser that was one step above the others, I was using this as a moisturiser already and was really impressed with the results, and I felt that this formula would really nourish and soothe his skin.

It has a triple rich blend of Illipe, Shea and Jojoba butters which replenishes dry, stressed skin.  It’s even better as it comes in a fragrance-free formula so that there are no extra irritants to the skin.

Highly recommended for those who need a really caring moisturiser – just like my husband.

Buy Basq NYC’s Mega Moisture Fragrance Free for Sensitive Skin, here.


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