Acting on Impulse

DOES anyone remember O2 by Impulse? 

This was one of my favourite scents of the 90s, and I used to wear it religiously! If I concentrate hard enough I can still remember the scent of it, and it takes me right back!

I’m clearly not the only one who adored that scent, check out this page on Sali Hughes’ website for a love letter to the famed scent which was perfect for the indie years of my life.

Since that time, it feels like Impulse struggled as a brand and lost their cool factor,  but when I came across these new scents from them I felt really sentimental and wanted to try them again, and they are GREAT!

I’ve tried two scents – one called Burnt Marshmallow & Leather Jacket, and Tropical Beach & Espresso. They are both really lush, not too sickly sweet but a good combination of sweet and musky giving a nice boost for the morning.

Best of all they are still super affordable coming in at under a fiver and are currently on sale at Superdrug.

Still not a patch on O2 though.

Try Impulse’s range of Body Mists for £3.50, here. 

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