My first taste of Fenty Beauty

I’VE WANTED to try the Fenty Beauty range for a while, so I was super excited to try out these shimmer sticks as my introduction to Rihanna’s beauty collection.

I must have tried approximately a billion illuminates, highlighters and shimmers in my years of beauty writing, whether that be powders, creams, sticks, liquids or balms. I love the shimmering effect that you get on your skin, and so I’ve explored this product extensively and held it as a passion.

So how do these compare? They are a really interesting texture – almost matte in their application they are a lot less creamy than other sticks I’ve tried. At first I thought this might be as I was applying over powder but today I tried on freshly cleansed skin and confirmed that they are definitely drier in their application.

I thought that this may affect the colour pay off, but I don’t actually think it does. I used the pale shade Starstruck on my cheeks and brow bone to highlight, and the lilac shade Unicorn as a base across my eyes and found it super wearable much to my surprise. I finished with a bit of powder from Beauty Pie and had to sweep my face with a brush afterwards to blend but I’m impressed with these shimmer sticks.

From looking at the full colour range of Fenty Shimmer Sticks, there is a rose gold (dupe for Orgasm by Nars it looks like) called Trippin which I’d love to get my mitts on. And I love the fact that they are hexagonal and magnetised so stick together saving precious make-up shelf space!

First impressions of Fenty? So far so good… definitely keen to try more, more, more!

Buy Fenty Beauty Shimmer sticks here for £21.

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