24k Gold

DECADENCE is what I think of when I look at this exfoliating gel from Janjira.

It looks beautiful and would make a great Mother’s Day gift for a beauty-inclined Mum and is from a luxurious brand which I really get on with.

However, full disclosure: this product didn’t suit my skin. I’m used to exfoliators with a scrub in it to wash away dead skin cells, however this went on as a gel but then as you rub it in, it turned goopy on my skin and created little “bobbles” of gel which I just didn’t like. The Janjira exfoliating gel contains gold and citrus/fruit enzymes to cleanse the skin rather than a physical scrub so just wasn’t my type of product.

As it wasn’t for me, I passed it onto a friend to try and she loves it! So much so she’s been asking me for more intel on other skincare to buy such as acids and retinols.

She messaged me to say that her skin is glowing and her skin is “so smooth” after using it.

Definitely a slice of decadence, depending on what kind of exfoliating products you are used to using.

Buy Janjira 24k Gold Luminous Exfoliating Gel here, for £35.

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