Winter skincare when pregnant

THERE’S been a lot on social media about the virtues of ‘self-care’ and looking after oneself, which should seem obvious, but when we’re all so busy socialising, working, parenting, wife-ing and the rest, it can be quite far down on the list of priorities. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 16.16.14My version of self-care has started with resigning from a job that wasn’t meeting my ambitions, and therefore taking precious time away from my son; getting as much sleep as possible when six months’ pregnant with a two-year-old son; and finally delving into my beauty stash and making sure I’m using as many lovely face and bump creams as possible to ensure that I have a lovely glow.

So far, so good as my skin is currently glowing so much that I’ve ditched foundation and am just topping up with highlighters and illuminators. My current routine is using this wonderful, luxe Moisture Boost Vit+ C Cream from Emma Hardie which sinks in like a dream on my thirsty skin and makes me feel really refreshed, as well as a Clinique night cream which has really worked wonders on my skin. I sometimes top up with Clinique’s Dramatically Different gel to add an extra halo effect, and before I apply any make-up I use Ren’s Perfect Canvas serum/primer which really, really suits my skin and gives a really gorgeous brightness to my skin.

I’ve also fallen in love with the whole range from Laura Geller and am using her Shine Stick lipstick to give my lips a tint – about as natural as I’m ever going to get for a beauty look!

Meanwhile, I’ve been using Susanne Kaufmann pomegranate oil on my bump in the morning, followed by Rituals’ gorgeous baby bump cream at night. Apparently the pomegranate oil is ideal for after pregnancy, but at the minute my skin is feeling so stretched at the moment, I’m calling in all the big guns.

All in all, my skin is feeling great. If using lovely beauty creams and wonderful make-up can be counted as ‘self-care’ … then count me in!

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