5 Suggestions For A Fantastic Christmas Party

5 Suggestions For A Fantastic Christmas Party

The holiday season is almost here, so look through your calendar and pick a date to throw a fantastic Christmas party. Send out the invites right away, because your friends will have their December schedules booked before you know it. Once you have the guest list lined up, all you will need to do is make sure that your food, drinks and decorations are filled with the holiday spirit.

  1. String Lights

Instead of hanging string lights from your roof, bring them inside and arrange them in a variety of beautiful designs for your party. They can be placed in glass bottles or mason jars, wrapped inside large potted plants, and even used to spell out words — think of how sweet it would be for your guests to enter your home and see a shining “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” on the wall.

  1. Snowflakes Everywhere

Make your home look like it’s in the middle of a winter wonderland by crafting garlands of white paper snowflakes. You can dangle the snowflake garlands from the ceiling, drape them on mantelpieces, place them along staircases and across windows to make your home look like it’s trapped in a blizzard. Add silver glitter so that the paper sparkles like freshly fallen snow — the glitter will look positively magical by the glow of the string lights.

  1. Themed Desserts

You can serve frosty sweets like mochi ice cream balls to match the snowy atmosphere of your Christmas party. The frozen treats are a great fit for a winter wonderland theme, especially since a ball of vanilla mochi ice cream looks like a ball of snow. You can choose other delicious flavors of MyMo Mochi ice cream to suit the theme of your party, by focusing on their festive colors — try green tea mochi ice cream and strawberry mochi ice cream together, so that your snack table fits the traditional red and green Christmas pattern.

  1. A Full Punch Bowl

While hot cocoa and egg nog are popular holiday beverages, partygoers will be surprised and delighted by a punch bowl. This festive drink should be served in a beautiful glass bowl filled with spices, fruit slices, garnishes and liquor. As a courtesy, you can make another bowl filled with non-alcoholic punch for designated drivers and non-drinkers.

  1. Gift Bags

Show that you are in the giving spirit for your big Christmas party by offering special gift bags, boxes or miniature stockings. Place small presents inside the bags, boxes, or stockings like scented candles, truffles and artisanal spreads. Give your guests the option to wait until Christmas day to open their gifts, or forego any patience and open them right away.

Cover your home in twinkling lights and spinning snowflakes, set out treats and bowls of punch, and then spend a night celebrating with all of your friends. An incredible Christmas party, along with a sweet gift, will put every single one of your guests in the spirit of the holiday season.

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