Hape Walk-A-Long Snail

I STARTED a mummy blog called The Mum Diary soon after I had my son Rafael, mainly to counteract the boredom of some of those long days, and to also put all my social media knowledge into practice. 

I’d been a Senior Brand Editor at a London agency for just over a year, and had contributed to the massive growth of the nation’s most used/most hated supermarket – Tesco – in that time.

Back then it was pretty easy to take a photo of my son, just pop him down on the floor on a plain background and snap away. Try to capture the light in a dark flat (we’ve since moved) and I saw my followers steadily grow.

RafaTwo years later and it’s nigh on impossible to get a decent photo of him! He’s so FAST! As soon as I get my camera out, he’s quick as a flash off to take on his next adventure and I have a few blurred shots of him on my phone.

So it’s a pretty good indication of the enjoyment that he gets from his Walk-A-Long snail from Hape that I managed to capture a few good pics of him playing with this toy.

I love Hape’s toys as they are wooden and high quality, and all of them have captured the imagination of my child  without fail.

The Walk-A-Long Snail has a base with big googly eyes, and a wiggling tail that moves when you pull it along, and then a ‘shell’ with three shaped holes to put three little wooden blocks through.

I thought Rafa might be a bit old for it, as he’s two and a half but it is continuously brought out of the toy box, so not only has it been a curiosity.. like most of Hape’s toys… it’s been a keeper.

Buy Hape’s Walk-A-Long-Snail toy for £25, here.

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