Black Lace Rabbit.. looks like magic 

I CAN’T stop staring at this lipstick – Black Lace Rabbit by Lipstick Queen.. isn’t it just so intriguing? 

Swatch2It has a sister product, which is a creme blush which has a deep purple sheer pay-off, so somehow I’d gotten it in my head that this would be the same formulation. Not so.

This lipstick has a sheer black pay-off, albeit inflected with a gold sparkle. I tried it on, and I looked like the Night of the Living Dead!!! My lips were a bit of a sheer dark black/blue shade which didn’t suit me at all!

However, since doing a bit more research, it also turns out you can layer this over your usual lippies to create a bit of a vampy look. Now, this I like. So will be experimenting a bit more and will report back.

A total gem for Halloween, but not sure I could rock this all year round.

Buy Black Lace Rabbit from Lipstick Queen for £22, here.

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