Melvita… a great brand, but not a great conditioner

LET me start this review by saying I love Melvita.

They are easily one of my favourite skincare brands, and I have used multiple products from their skin and body care range and recommended them to people far and wide.

However, their shampoo and conditioner haven’t suited my hair at all. I’m a heathen when it comes to haircare and I like a big foamy scrub of my scalp and to clean my hair, followed by a luxurious cream that wraps around my hair and leaves it silky smooth.

I found Melvita’s haircare range to sort of sit on my hair and not really clean it as much as I would like. I felt like I was moving soap around my hair, rather than really getting it clean and fresh. I know this is not the modern trendy opinion, it’s just my opinion!

Personally, I’ll stick to Melvita’s incredible range of skincare and swerve their haircare range from now on.

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