Holiday Heroes

ON A RECENT trip to Cadiz, Spain I stuffed my suitcase with all the beauty essentials that I’ve been meaning to try out for the last few months. 

In my beauty line-up was one of the best moisturisers I’ve ever tried from Sisley, an in-shower after sun from Vichy which was a bit of a treat, a daily moisturiser from Alpha H, an eye refresher “Eclat Du Regard Radiant Eye Treatment” from Embryolisse and Illuminating Flash Balm from Elemis.

I have to say that since coming back from holiday with a healthy tan, people keep commenting on my healthy glow and I’m putting it down to this killer line up!

21568491_1593338490704280_6006456014780497920_nEach morning I slathered on Creme Repartrice from Sisley which is an eye watering £105 to buy, but if finally turned me into a total convert to moisturising every day. It was divine. The lightweight creme sunk into my skin almost instantly (no wandering round waiting for oily skin to dry like some body butters) and it really made a difference to the health of my skin. It was so good that my husband also used a healthy dose of it on his tanned skin too.

Some beauty products are worth an investment, and if you were to splash out on a really great beauty product, I would recommend this one. However, there are increasingly high quality moisturisers available on the High Street for a fraction of the price if this is always going to be out of price range.

I had to stop my two year old son playing with Embryolisse’s Eclat Du Regard Radiant Eye Treatment. The reason is that I always seem to have it around my person as I love lightly applying it under my eyes and feeling the cooling sensation that it offers. It’s so delightful! My son was pretty keen on putting it on his tummy, until I snatched it away from him!

Vichy’s in-shower after sun was a bit of a novelty, but I really enjoyed it. It’s an oil,  so would definitely recommend using it in the shower rather than on dry skin. I used it quite liberally as I’d been waiting to use it in the British sun and never really having a reason, I was determined to make the most of it in the roasting Spanish sun. 21436152_171552123403988_5920332699200913408_n
I love Alpha H‘s range of skincare. I used their facial moisturiser each morning which includes a factor 50. In fact, I used a Factor 50 sun cream all over my body every single day and still got a tan and never got burned, so will be doing that more often in future!

My final holiday hero was Elemis’ Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm. It’s a richer creme formula, and I used this one as a night cream on holiday. It soothed my sun-kissed skin and I have to say that I haven’t looked healthier in a long time! My skin was healthy and smooth and line free.

What are your holiday hero recommendations?

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