The hunt for the perfect shampoo & conditioner… for men: Evo

I FIRST came across hair styling range Evo when I lived in Australia.


I used to work for a fashion magazine and we had boxes and boxes of samples of Evo’s deep conditioner they were left over from an event. I nabbed a stash and forever used them for the next few years.


It was in my search for the UK’s best shampoo and conditioners that I was reacquainted with the brand. This time looking out for great products for men. The Evo brand has launched in the U.K.




My husband had been trialling this range and has been impressed with the fresh peppermint scent and overall zingyness. It’s also encouraged him to use a shampoo and separate conditioner on his thick Colombian hair, followed by the hilariously-named box o’ bollox hair paste.


The shampoo and conditioner are gentle (the shampoo is sulphate free) meaning that it’s kind to hair as well as cleansing and freshening.


I’ve always loved the packaging for Evo. It’s looks smart and sophisticated and looks great in the bathroom.


Check out the Evo shampoo range here, starting from £16 for shampoo and conditioner.

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