Pastels vs metallics

A PASTEL pop on the lips has been my key look for summer, but I can't quite get my head around the new metallic trend.

I've tried the peach and lavender coloured pastels from the Sleek range and I am addicted! They are such a good look for the sunny months and just add a lovely splash of colour to your make up look.

The metallics are much more difficult to wear. I've tried the purple toned shades from the same brand and just can't seem to find one that suits me. I also layered one over a red matte lipstick as I thought maybe I could create a bit of magic that way, but again it didn't quite work.

Sleek is a top quality brand for the price
– these liquid lipsticks are less than a fiver! My recommendation: pick up the pastel shades, but swerve the metallics.

Buy the lip range by Sleek, here.

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