Hero home hair dyes

RECENTLY I've been swerving the hairdresser in favour of stocking up on home hair dyes and creating a balyage effect at home.

This is for a couple of reasons. Being a working mum, it's hard to find the time to spend 3-5 hours and £150-£180 at the salon every six weeks. And also, after a year of bleaching the fresh hell out of my hair it's all broken off and needed a break from peroxide, and it was much cheaper to treat it at home with a semi-permanent.

I mean, seriously, I now seem to have a fringe and I suspect there is some weird mullet action going on at the back of my head but I'm too scared to check it out in case of what I uncover back there.

I found a couple of great home hair dyes in my local Boots store to work. The first lot I bought were from Garnier Nutrisse, which I was really impressed with, but then I picked up some more from a few different ranges according to what colour I wanted.

The key to home hair dying is prep, plus, if in doubt, buy a lighter colour than you are expecting results-wise. The colour on my roots both times I took to the sink is 'dark blonde' but both times came up fairly dark brown in my eyes.

I also picked up a non-bleach blonde dye to tone up the ends both times.

Finally, consider the base colour you are working with.

The first time (main pic) I was super pleased with the results. The second time I wasn't as pleased as I felt the overall tone was a bit green, so I topped up the roots with a more red-toned dark blonde to counteract the effect. A bit of Googling said that adding a dark ashy brown over a bleach blonde can result in a green-tone to your locks.

So far I must have saved myself about £300, so I'm definitely going to keep dying my hair at home until it's in better condition. Then when my roots have grown out enough, I can start to use bleach again.

Would you try a home hair dye?

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