So fresh and so Clean

IMAGINE the incredible fresh scent of newly cut grass, rustling green fig trees and and undertone of smooth, weathered wood encased in a beautifully-designed bottle, and capped off with a small neat block. 

Sel Santal by Clean Reserve is just that – a little bottle of absolute joy that has the most beautiful, heady fragrance lingering inside.

It’s a unisex fragrance and has a lovely strong bouquet which is completely free from any chemical smell, and lasts and lasts. This is because Clean Reserve believes in sustainable beauty, blended with raw ingredients for a unique fragrance experience.

Perfumer Patricia Choux says: “Inspired by vacations in the south of France, Sel Santal pays homage to these rich fragrant memories. Salty ocean air mingling with the aroma of fresh, green fig trees gives Sel Santal a natural, elegant introduction, while the distinct odor of weathered, wood furniture warmed by Mediterranean heat creates the perfect finish.”

She explains: “We ethnically source Violet Absolute from Grasse, by working together with local farmers, guaranteeing the conservation of their ancestral agriculture lands and their income, thus protecting the farmers from succumbing to real estate pressure in this highly sought after area. In addition we work closely with the Styrax Honduras native farmers, the Pech tribe, protecting their agricultural land, ensuring fair wages and donating to local schools.”

The fragrance’s profile is:

Top Notes: Mandarin Leaves, Bergamot, Nutmeg Tonic

Middle Notes: Iris, Salted Fig, Violet*, Hazelnut Cream

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Decadent Amber, Styrax*, Rose Musk

This is one of my favourite scents that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across in the last few years, highly recommended.

Buy Sel Sental by Clean Reserve for £79 here.


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