Eye polish from Pur 

SOMETIMES I like a beauty novelty, and sometimes it seems like a bit of extra faff. 

I’m still experimenting with Pur’s range of Eye Polishes but so far, I’m not quite convinced. The formula – which comes in a little pot with a silicone applicator wand – reminds me of Urban Decay’s brilliant eyes primer, but rather than just do a tube version of this type of product, this comes in a tricky little pot with a sponge inside, so is really annoying to apply.

The Eye Polish can be used as a base, on it’s own or as a finisher to brighten your make up look.  I personally would ditch the wand, and just dab it on with my ring finger.

To me, it just looks like any other standard eye cream primer or polish. It dries quickly, so forms a strong solid base for applying eyeshadow over the top, and has a strong metallic finish to make your shadow stand out. However, I wouldn’t invest in this again. It’s just too fiddly.

Buy Pur Eye Shadow Polish for £17, here.

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