Distorted Dreams

AS I look out the window, it’s absolutely pouring down with rain so I’m looking to Sleek’s Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette to give me a glow.

I need something to cheer me up! It’s August for God’s sake!

A mix of iridescent creams and powders, the Distorted Dream Highlighting palette is a magpie’s dream. There are two powders to dip into, and three creams to slick on, each with a different coloured sheen. The blue toned cream has a shot of glitter through it giving a subtle space vibe, whereas the pale cream is for unicorn fans. If you want to catch attention use the green-toned cream which is super eye-catching. The powders look innocent, but they have a shattering glimmer to them when caught by the light. Pretty impressive for a palette which is just over a tenner.

Plus, they promise that you will be “glazed AF” which I find pretty charming!

I literally can’t stop staring at my hand where i’ve just swatched the whole palette.

Buy Sleek’s Distorted Dream Highlighting palette for £10.99, here.

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