The hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner: Oribe Bright Blonde 

KEEPING your blonde hair bright and non-brassy is a constant battle.

When you consider that you spend £150 every six weeks on keeping your hair coloured and trimmed, then it’s not outrageous that you might spend a pretty penny on a shampoo to keep it in good nick in between salon sessions.

This shampoo is an eye-watering £41, but it does definitely deliver on quality. First of all – the packaging is absolutely divine! The shampoo is beautiful and comes encased in a beautiful paper box. Then when you see the bottle you do get the feeling of quality – a lovely peach bottle that is embossed, and with gold lettering. Lovely.

The shampoo itself is a lovely deep purple and lathers up nicely, really giving the hair a lovely  clean and taking away any brassiness. I would definitely recommend this shampoo as it doesn’t leave your hair with any blue/grey tones either, which is what I have experienced with several other cheaper purple shampoos.

Would I splash out almost £50 on a shampoo? To be honest, probably not. The accompanying conditioners from the Oribe range come in at £140, so it’s definitely a luxury purchase.

Buy Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo for £41 here.

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