Goof proof brow pencil

SOME products from Benefit could definitely be labelled as ‘style over substance’ but I’m pleased to report that the quirky and cool brand’s Goof Proof eyebrow pencil is so far faring up to be rather a lovely product. 

Not only does it look the part – stylish and sleek, it also works a treat with a slanted gel eyebrow pencil on one side and a fine mascara-style comb on the other to keep brows in check.

I found to a doddle to scrape on some colour to my plucked brows and fill on the blanks, leaving me with a lovely pair of well teased eyebrows.

Buy Goof Propf Brow Pencil from Benefit for £16 here. 

It’s also available in a travel size mini for around a tenner, here. 

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