A pretty sharp example of a razor 

RAZORS have changed a lot since I was a teen, and this one – called Dorco Eve 6 – is far removed from the scratchy and fairly lethal ones that I had to battle with when I was 15. 


Razors are a fairly functional product, but this one is a great example of a strong product. It had the standard soaping panels, and a neat double set of razors which are effective without irritating the skin.

The handle has good flex so you can use it all over.

However, where the Dorco Eve 6 is different is that this is a subscription model. You don’t pop down to Boots to order, but once you sign up, a razor is delivered to your door each month. As someone who always invests money in convenience, this is yet another way of freeing up your mind to focus on other things, and especially handy for those who don’t live near a pharmacy.

The first month is £1 and includes a handle, then it’s £5.45 each month thereafter. I’m guessing this is for a replacement blade a month.

Buy Dorco Eve 6 here.

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