Texture and shine

I LOVE trying out a new product format and so when I got the chance to get my hands on some of the new Session range from Osis+ by Schwarzkopf I was really intrigued.

The easiest product to assimilate into my routine was the Miracle 15 styling balm which is weightless and nourishing and just generally a lovely product. The item I was most intrigued to try out was the Powder Cloud, which when I tested on my palm burst out in a thick grey smoke, but when diffused all over my hair clung onto my locks and added grip and texture. I like!

Sometime new products are a gimmick, but I actually think using a matte powder rather than a sticky spray actually makes sense. The rules of ┬ádry shampoo apply here too – use a steady hand and watch out for residue, but I suffered with neither problem.

I’ve given the Coal Putty to my husband to test, and will report back.

Check out the Osis+ Session range from Schwarzkopf here.


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