Vanilla dream

I LOVE this scent from Baobab Collection – it has such a wonderful, heady scent of vanilla and makes the whole house smell absolutely amazing. 

Home fragrances are such an obsession of mine, I really love using them after a spring clean to make the house smell even better. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before our toddler gets all his toys out again, and the whole house is a mess, but at least it smells divine.

This spray is actually a tester for Baobab’s luxury candle collection, or diffusers, and it’s an absolutely exotic rush of such strong sweet yet earthy vanilla which is a fragrance the I just adore.

Some people aren’t into scented candles, but I absolutely love them. Yes, the Baobab collection is expensive (around £60+ for a candle) but for a really special present I would say that this range is worth it. It’s just so luxury and special.

See more of the  Baobab range, here.

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