Nourishing my skin with Ixxi’s Detox Nightime Emulsion

I’VE found there to be two kind of face-creams out there at the moment. The more fluid gel-like serum which often is based around a vitamin (like Emma Hardie’s Vitamin C serum), or the more traditional cream-like formula like Ixxi’s Detox Night-Time Emulsion. 

I’ve found myself layering them up, as this emulsion feels so absolutely divine that I just want to slather it on and treat my skin.

The official line is that ” The detoxifying agent e­ffectively eliminates toxins that sature skin cells. Upon waking, the skin feels regenerated, signs of fatigue are attenuated and features look rested. Day after day, the skin is more luminous and wrinkles appear diminished, for a more youthful-looking face.”

I would say that this is one of my new favourite products. The formulation sinks into skin quickly, smells absolutely lush and I really feel that this is a winner for me!

Buy Ixxi’s Detox Night-Time Emulsion for £33, here.

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