The fight against golden tones

I WAS using blue-toned shampoos for aaaages, but I kept going into work and my colleagues would compliment my wonderful ‘grey’ hair. Meep! GREY! That’s not what I wanted!

So I moved away from using blue-toned shampoos, but stuck with a gentler and more subtle fix in the shape of a purple conditioner – like this one from KMS.

I’ve been a huge fan of KMS having used the brand extensively when I lived in Australia for six years. This Colour Vitality Blonde Treatment has kept the brassiness at bay,

I’ve toned down my hair colour since swapping a full head bleach for a more natural tone, so this conditioner has done a great job in just keeping my locks on track – a lovely natural, Champagne-colour, rather going too far down the gold/bronze look.

Colour Vitality Blonde Treatment is £14.29, and available here.

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