A 7am face mask? Why not!

IMG_0537NOW lie-ins are a thing of the past (hellloooo 6am starts for as long as I can remember), I can get quite a lot done between the hours of 6-8am thanks to a healthy dose of CBeebies.

So, in a bid to give myself a healthy, youthful glow this weekend I tried out this mask from Frank Body, handily called… Glow Mask.

It was SO lovely. Clung to my skin with a lovely smooth silky formulation, and left my cheeks feeling baby soft. It felt like a total treat, even if I was up at an un-Godly hour, and I’ll definitely be weaving it into my new morning routine.

Frank Body are a really cool and quirky Aussie brand who have built up a following on Instagram thanks to their Coconut body scrub (in awesome packaging) and their glitter scrub which is clearly social-media perfect!

Buy Frank Body Glow Mask for £15.95 here.


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