Scrubbing up for summer with Satin Lips by Mary Kay

THERE’S a definite spring feeling in the air, and I for one cannot WAIT to have a touch of sun on my skin and to unwrap from my dark cocoon. 
It feels like this winter has lasted forever! And Spring is such a lovely change of mood.
Spring also brings a change in beauty routines – starting to think more about exposed skin, favouring cream blushers over powder ones, ditching foundation for a decent BB or CC cream and digging out all my prettiest spring colours to lighten my mood like the sun.
Something I started trialling in time for Valentine’s Day was Mary Kay’s Satin Lips range. I tried their Shea Sugar Scrub and their Shea Butter Balm. Sugar scrubs seems to have come into fashion (in the midst of an anti-sugar health craze) which do exactly as you’d expect. You scrub them into your lips to remove dry skin and then lick away the sugar I presume to leave a silky smooth pout. I can’t say that they work especially well but I think they are a nice bit of fun, and would make a nice present for someone. After exfoliating your skin, you then apply the Shea Butter Balm to condition lips, which has a nice applicator and a lovely smooth texture.
Mary Kay has a lovely semi-matte gel lipstick for £13, which would make all the scrubbing and prepping worth it.

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