No pain no gain?

HOW far would you go for beauty perfection?
This is the question that I’ve been asking myself as I trialled Cloud 9’s Body Makeover – a cellulite treatment gel.
I’ve tried a gel like this once before when I was in a spa, and I was warned that after application it would grow to be a tad warm. Well, I STILL remember the burning heat that kept me toasty long after I left the comfort of the massage room. At the time I was pleased to have been given a little freebie. However, it’s a different kettle of fish when you are applying the gel at home every morning and night and massaging it in vigorously for five to ten minutes as recommended and then waiting for the bright red skin and burn that is all part and parcel of the process.
I tried this out for a few days, but I have to admit that in the dead of winter when no one but me and my husband see my skin, I didn’t keep the routine up. I gave up after a few days as I just couldn’t face the burn afterwards which made me slightly dizzy! If it was something that I was concerned about, or maybe more towards the summer months I would bring this back into my routine, but just at this time in my life it felt like a beauty step too far.
It’s also a fairly big time investment – 20 minutes a day to see real results, and that’s just not a commitment that I could make longer-term.
The official word is: “Body Makeover has six active ingredients to help you visibly reduce the appearance of your cellulite in only 30 days. Extract of ivy has a scientifically-proven thermogenic effect that increases skin temperature and boosts blood and lymph flow to the treated areas. It gives the skin a slight blush – which quickly disappears – and creates a warm, soothing and smoothing sensation. It’s like you can feel it working.

Body Makeover’s other ingredients – gotu kola, horse chestnut, grapeseed oil extract and vitamin E – have been specifically chosen to target all the aspects of ‘orange peel’ skin. Helping your skin feel revitalised, firmer and smoother to the touch.”

I can’t disagree with that, and I think that an anti-cellulite gel combined with vigorous massage is always going to have benefits for the aesthetics of your ‘problem’ areas.

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