Oatmeal in the morning… Aveeno After Shower Mist

WE ALL know that oatmeal makes for a great breakfast in the morning, but have you considered using it on your skin?

I first became aware of the benefits of oatmeal when my son had chicken pox, and discovered that this grain is an excellent soother for irritated skin. We didn’t need to chuck my boy in a bath of porridge in the end, but I did discover Aveeno’s range of soothing skincare which you can use to nourish skin on a daily basis.

The product from Aveeno’s range that stood our for me was their After Shower Mist. I long to be the person who moisturises daily, but it’s just not a natural beauty routine for me, and so anything that can make this process quicker and easier, or more fun, is right up my street. This is one of the reasons that I love Aveeno’s mist spray, as it makes moisturising after you’ve had a scrub in the tub a whole lot easier.

It imparts a fine mist of moisturiser across your skin, which is delicate enough to quickly rub in before you get dressed. Rather than slathering myself in a thick, luxe moisturiser which takes a while to sink in, this has a spray and go kinda vibe which suits my hectic morning routine.

It’s on sale for less that a fiver at the moment from Superdrug, which is perfect timing as we head into spring and summer. It’s the ideal time to start giving your skin a little TLC as soon we’ll be hoping to get a little sun-kissed look across our shoulders.

Buy Aveeno’s After Shower Mist Daily Moisturiser spray for a sale price of £4.99 here.

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