A Safe, Springless Trampoline Alternative for Your Back garden

THE delightful sounds of their child’s laughter and happy shouting coming from the backyard gives cause for any parent to feel good – it means their kids are taking in the outdoors, likely getting a good amount of daily exercise in, and having fun.

Finding new incentives to get your children out and moving is never a bad idea, and when it comes to purchasing equipment to aid you in doing this, so long as your exercise apparatus is carefully selected and a model you can depend on for safety – there’s no reason to worry about those roars of joy turning into bellows of tears. If a trampoline for example is something you’re considering introducing into your backyard, there is one company setting its standards high and listening to criticisms that accompanied earlier models. They’ve revamped the trampoline to virtually eliminate the most common hazards associated with this toy, thanks to their innovative design and commitment to safety.

When it comes to traditional models, concerns were raised in regards to the springs, which were originally the most likely cause for contact or injury when jumping. With a Springfree Trampoline USA model, the springs have been removed and replaced with flexible composite rods situated beneath the surface to eliminate contact with the jumper. Furthermore, the exposed frame, often the cause for banging and bruising has been removed and positioned under the jumping surface as well. The company has also introduced the SoftEdge mat, which is incredibly shock absorbent, joined by a FlexiNet – guiding jumpers back to the safety. The flexible poles supporting the net are made from light but strong materials which bend gently to a jumper’s body.

This new generation of trampoline uses only the highest quality materials that undergo rigorous testing, and the entire structure is built in house, without parts being outsourced. This way the manufacturer can maintain connection with each part of the assembly process to ensure quality. If you’re looking for a product you can trust, consider ones that have received industry awards including for example, the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, the US Family Choice Award, or the International Design Award – this means they have been recognized for their quality and can show you their seal of approval.

The most intriguing part of Springfree’s design is that the company has included the addition of tgoma’s digital game system, making it the world’s first smart trampoline. The tgoma game system offers a unique and interactive outdoor experience, encouraging active play for the digital generation. Now, thanks to features like tgomaFit, you can track activity, help you set fitness goals, and compete with friends and family around the world.

With the company addressing safety concerns and consistently reinventing their standards, while at the same time considering who their customers are, and introducing new modes of interactive play, you can rest assured that this smart trampoline will satisfy. With designs on the market putting both safety and ingenuity at the forefront, those shrieks of laughter coming in through the window never have to stop.

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