We heart wooden toys by Hape

BUYING Christmas gifts can be super easy… or massively difficult!! It all depends on the recipient.

My son is only 18 months, so present buying for him is relatively simple, however there is so much choice out there, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spoiling him rotten and just spending a tonne of cash on relatively expensive plasticky toys.

Some children’s gifts are made to last, and I love Hape’s range of wooden toys. I have the pull-along caterpillar that comes with little flowers that fit into his back that turn as my son pulls the toy along.

One word of warning – always keep an eye on your child as they play with this particular toy. My son likes wrapping things round the back of his neck and this toy’s string is definitely in danger of causing a disaster if not monitored closely. Therefore I only let my son play with it when I have a firm eye on him, otherwise it stays in his toy box.

Rafa loves playing with this pull-a-long toy and placing the flowers back on his back if they fall off. 

It’s so nice to have a toy that reminds me of my own childhood too. As well as all the lovely plastic bits, I really the gorgeous wooden toys. They felt special and like something that you wanted to keep. 

You can buy Hape toys here.

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