Toronto’s Coolest Winter Music Festivals

IF YOU think that winter signals the end of Canada’s music festival season, then you’d be wrong. For Canadians, standing outside in sub-zero temperatures is in their blood.

It’s a matter of pride that we can survive polar vortexes and snowmageddons. “We the North” would never let something like ice, slush, or snow stop us from enjoying the bands brave enough to tour our lands. All we need are our toques and parkas and we’re all set to travel across our cities to get to where we need to be.

Depending on whom you ask, some people might not say Toronto experiences true winter, but no one can debate the fact that the 6ix is a hotbed of musical talent in this country.It only makes sense that the winter festivals reflect this point. As the snow begins to fall (and inevitably turn into Toronto’s infamous grey slush), the coolest musical acts are hitting the city. That means your favourite music store in Toronto isn’t the only way you can get your musical fix this season. All you need is a ticket to the following festivals to experience what music gets up to in the winter.

Solaris Festival

Though the dates have yet to be confirmed, the electronic dance fest is a popular event hosted in the city every December. In true EDM fashion, the biggest names of the industry perform to crowds accompanied by tremendous light shows. This major dance party will be sure to get your blood pumping despite the dropping temps!

Long Winter

The creative minds behind Long Winter have organized a unique, inter-arts festival that starts in January of every year. The fest itself consists of multiple events hosted in various parts of the city over several months, showcasing not just the most innovative musical artists in the city but also visual artists, performance artists, and dancers. Described as a cultural Lollapalooza, the many shows that make up Long Winter will keep you guessing.

WinterFolk XV

This fest brings blues and roots favourites to the city every February. WinterFolk is celebrating its 15th anniversary, which will surely translate into a stellar lineup of artists playing bars and other venues all over the city. Foot-stomping along to Americana and folk is an easy way to keep warm this season.

As is the nature of small- and large-scale music festivals, their dates and lineups are scheduled to change, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on these events as they approach. It doesn’t hurt to check in with your local music store either. Nothing’s certain until you’ve got a ticket on your phone and you’re waiting in line for the show. Let’s just hope it isn’t snowing when you get there.

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