Musical fun for kids: Early Melodies Rainbow Xylophone & Tambourine from Hape

MY FAVOURITE kids’ toys are all the classic wooden ones, and despite my child loving bright plasticky things, I just love having the understated toys on display. 

Rafael, my one-year-old, adores noisy musical toys and he’s especially loves his instruments from Hape. This is a company who specialise in high quality wooden and bamboo children’s toys, and they just look adorable as well as being highly entertaining for young children.

I was pretty surprised that at one, Rafa will pick up the sticks and play the xylophone. Don’t get me wrong, he often grabs random toys and just chucks them at the xylophone too. Anything to make a noise. But they are really well designed for young kids to have fun with. The tambourine stays in his play pen, and he often charges around being a hooligan and grabbing all his noisy toys and bashing them.

Rafa may like brash, plasticky toys, but I love that I can hide them away in the toy box and just leave out all the classy wooden toys and pretend that we’re posh when we have guests on occasion.

Find out more about Hape toys here.

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