Little Creatures Festival at London Zoo

TAKING your one-year-old to the Zoo has to be one of the greatest pleasures in life. 

Rafael was invited (invites already; he’s only one!) to visit the Little Creatures Family Festival at London Zoo earlier this month, and he absolutely loved it.

As well as heading around the Zoo and checking out the Indian-themed Land of the Lions, Tiger Territory, the penguins, pelicans, owls, gorillas, monkeys, camels… (the list goes on) Rafa was also able to crawl around a huge patch of grass, explore tunnels, and be sung to by a huge blue caterpillar as part of their Alice in Wonderland themed activities. In fact, the Little Creatures Family Festival activities was easily his favourite bit of the whole day (and tired him out nicely too) as he often got confused between staring at the fences round the animals’ pens, rather than the animals themselves. Babies, eh?

We made sure we dressed him appropriately and his Mothercare tiger suit got many an envious stare.

On a side note, I was trying to catch rare Pokemon while exploring the Zoo as apparently that is where they hang out in London. All I caught was a lousy Weedle. Must try harder.

Visit the London Zoo website here for more information.


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