Tourist-ing like a local

PUSHING my way through busy London streets, packed with lost tourists, being let’s face it, vaguely annoying, it always occurs to me that London is a city to be enjoyed when travelling with a local.

My most memorable travel experiences have come from when I’ve been given a helping hand by a friendly native and they fill me in on all the top hot spots to grab a glass of wine, try the tastiest food, or grab the best fashion and beauty bargains. I know that when people come to visit London, and their must-see places to visit are the likes of Piccadilly Circus and the usual tourist traps, I cringe inside.

As much as asking a local is the most desirable way to get all the inside goss on your chosen destination, what happens if you don’t know anyone who lives in Paris, Milan, Prague or Lisbon? Well, a new start-up has it all sorted for you. Unique Tours Factory specialises in high quality travel experiences with a roster of professional guides, who offer exciting and unusual trips abroad, far away from the general public (not to mention those other pesky tourists). The concept was conceived by Roland Tcherkezian – inspired by a trip to Bulgaria where the locals ensured he had the trip of a lifetime. Tcherkezian now offers private tours in the greatest cities around the world to travellers.

Trust me, when I went to Bulgaria, we drove around the country in a clapped out rented car whose boot didn’t open and you had to use two hands to change the gears. At the end of a four hour drive, we ended up eating in a terrible restaurant that served us raw chicken topped with cheese, although we did drink excellent local Bulgarian wine. If only we’d had a local guide on hand to help us out!


Unique Tours Factory offer guide-led trips around a range of European cities including London, Madrid, Rome, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam and more. Whether it’s experiencing the Tower of London before moving on to viewing street art in Shoreditch in London, or indulging in a gastronomical delight across the beautiful city of Venice, there are is an array of exciting and innovative tours to choose from.

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Written in partnership with Unique Tours Factory

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