Puressentiel Rest and Relax Spray

WHEN you are a mum, resting and relaxing is something  that you crave, oh, err, 24 hours a day? 

Your house is also no longer your own: you don’t recognise it under the piles of toys, books, muslins, endless washing, play mats, buggy… The list goes on. 

So a little treat to make your flat smell divine while also gifting you a little peace and quiet…? It just sounds too good to be true! 

Puressentiel’s rest and relax spray might not look too fancy shmancy from the outside, but the mix of 12 essential oils make this spray an absolute gem of a find. A few sprays of this magic elixir (and let me remind you that it’s completely natural) in the corners of your room and the whole house comes alive. I douse my home in this stuff. It’s also powerful enough to last hours rather than other room sprays that I have which are just fragrance and disappear very quickly. 

Word of warning – it’s not suitable for children under one, and so I spray it in a room and wait for a few hours before letting my baby enter the room again. You may choose not to use it while your baby is so young. 

As a journo, I’m very lucky to try out lots of new products and review them for this site, some I would definitely invest in time and time again for myself. This is a product that falls into this category and I would definitely stock up for myself. 

Aromatherapy and essential oils are something I’m really keen to explore so much more after trialling this product (and Aromaworks range of face creams) – essential oils are so hypnotic and strong and mesmerising and it just feels like there’s a whole world of heady scents out there just waiting to be indulged in. 

If essential oils can help me rest and relax… Let’s face it, as a new mum that’s worth its weight in gold. 

Find out more about Puressentiel’s Rest and Relax spray, £17, here. 

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