All I want for Christmas is… Babycham!!

I’VE always had a slight obsession with vintage Babycham glasses as they are so brilliantly 70s-chic, but until this week I’ve never actually tried it.

For those not in the know, Babycham is a lovely light pear cider and I’m a bit gutted that I didn’t clock onto this when I was preggers as it’s only 4% (rather than a Prosecco which is about 12%) fills up a Champagne glass perfectly and is super sweet and satisfying. 

I definitely feel like I should be sporting backcombed big hair, lots of mascara and a retro frock while drinking it. 

You can buy Babycham at Budgens and I highly recommend that you stock up for Christmas. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be perusing a few vintage shops in search of some Babycham glasses to go with my new obsession. 

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