The Review: Gin: The Manual

AS I sit here typing this, I’m contemplating making a gin & tonic. Well, it’s Wednesday and I’ve been looking after a baby all day as well as doing a full day’s work so I feel like a deserve a cheeky tipple. 

Making sure I’m informed about my favourite spirit, is Gin: The Manual by Dave Broom. A tome full of notes about all the many, beautiful variations and versions of gin that are available on the market.

My personal favourite of all the variants is Plymouth Gin. It’s pretty handy to know that I’m tuned into the juniper notes of the bouquet, and this has inspired me to try other gins that also have a heavy juniper content.

We recently went away as a family for a christening in Norfolk and the local pub had a tasting menu of gins so I tried a few when we were there – including one called Monkey 47. It was garnished with a strand of grapefruit peel and was absolutely phenomenal. This book recommends against pairing it with tonic, but to my tastes it worked very well.

It’s also inspired me to buy better gins. I opted for a Bombay Sapphire for an extra few quid instead of the no-name own brand that had originally been destined for my basket.

So although, yes, I’m drinking at home like a boozy stay-at-home mummy… but at least I’m making a go of being a classy boozy mummy.

The Gin Manual by David Broom is available from Waterstones for a rather reasonable £11.29 (reduced from £15).


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