Christmas is coming 

CAN you believe that it’s only a few weeks until Christmas?

The last 10 months have flown, and what a huge year it has been. I started off 2014 with the joyous news that my baby was happy and healthy and growing well at my three month scan. Now, at the end of October, I have a bouncing baby boy who keeps me very busy. I still stare at him and can’t believe that I am a mother! I spent so many years roaming the streets of East London at 2am on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday night (nothing happened on Tuesdays) that it still seems some kind of miracle that I managed to snare a man and settle down.

Rather that spend money on a winter wardrobe for myself, all I can seem to do is look at cute baby clothes. And how cute are these reindeer kids’ shoes from Clarks!

Ignore the fact they are labelled as girls’ shoes, I would definitely buy them for my boy.

I am really having to restrain myself from buying my baby an entire wardrobe made up of just uber-cute novelty clothing.

Buy them here, on the Clarks website for £14.

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