Can I have the wishbone?

I HAVE such fond memories of growing up in the British countryside. Every single Sunday we would have a roast dinner and if it were chicken, I would always ask for the wishbone. 

For those who aren’t familiar, the wishbone is a small bone from the breast of the bird. Traditionally, you grab one side of and then rope in a sibling to tug the other side until one of you has the larger piece. The winner can then make a wish.

These necklaces by Posh Totty  are a perfect piece of nostalgia for a country girl like me.

Available in white, yellow, or (my favourite) rose gold, they are £189 and available from Prezzybox.

One thought on “Can I have the wishbone?

  1. Thank you for your gorgeous post! Glad to hear you love a wishbone as much as we do. Our silver wishbone collection is also available from x

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