Brighton and the bargain Bugaboo

ESCAPING London for the day can be such a treat. 

Admittedly, it might not be the cheapest day trip to scarper off to Brighton for a few hours (£27ish return) but going to the seaside for the day hasn’t lost any of its charm since I was a little nipper.

Speaking of such, I have to admit, there was  sliiiiight (Ok major) ulterior motive. In July I am expecting my first baby and because of this I’ve gained a very healthy addiction (??!?) to buying baby gear on eBay.

So, as well as fish and chips on the beach, breathing in the sea air… My boyfriend and I were in town to pick up a second hand Bugaboo buggy that we’d bought after finding no joy in London (read – getting outbid or gazumped on a million prams). 

So… As well as fish and chips on the beach, breathing in the sea air and enjoying the sunshine we were also racking up a few strange looks by pushing around an empty pram!

Brighton Bargain Bugaboo

Finding a decent second hand Bugaboo has been 24/7 occupation of mine over the last three weeks (as well as my full time job) developing into a condition that I have termed ‘obsessive bugaboo brain’. 
Scouring Gumtree and eBay became a complete compulsion – convinced I was about to miss out on a mega-bargain. 

Don’t even start me on the mega cheap Bugaboo Bee plus accessories that I laid a claim to within an hour… but had already been sold. Or the local off white one that I was ready to pick up in the late afternoon – only to be texted with a knock back and the dreaded ‘sold’ message at 2pm. 

To put this in context, Bugaboos are upwards of £800 or so brand new but you can pick up a secondhand one from anywhere between £150-£450. And then there’s the accessories – rain cover, cocoon, foot muff, parasol, cup holder… The list goes on and the obsession grows deeper. 

We finally settled on a 2011 pram with a purple hood and after a bit of haggling on a footmuff, and a bargain on a cup holder (with the wrong size clip. Noo !) we almost have our complete kit.

Have you gone to extreme lengths to bag a bargain for your baby?


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