The beach, a book and a bloomin’ big cocktail (and bad-ass kebabs) … Bodrum, Turkey

THE sure-fire sign that I’ve ‘arrived’ on holiday is relaxing in the sun with a piña colada.

Its a little ritual I’ve picked up along the way of my many adventures travelling.

So, book by my side, sun blazing down on the beach and a cocktail in hand… Now that’s what I call a HOLIDAY!

Aching for a beach-side AND pool-side break with uninterrupted sunshine and no obligation to do anything but relax, I booked a trip to Bodrum in Turkey with my boyfriend.

An apartment through AirBNB with a private pool seemed the perfect pick and for £40-£50 a night you couldn’t believe the value. Soon after booking I started checking the weather pretty much daily…. unbroken sunshine and 30 degree temperatures everyday. I had a feeling this was going to be good.

Even more importantly – Turkish is my absolute, could eat it every day it’s so delicious, favourite cuisine.

I love the grilled meat, the salad, the bread (oh! The bread).

I love the open grills, the flames licking the kebab skewers, the yoghurt, the garlic, the chilli. You can tell I love this stuff.

You can imagine how happy I was that eating out was cheaper than buying stuff for the flat. A meal without drinks set us back about £15. Drinks were more expensive at around London prices but if you got in the holiday spirit and didn’t mind a bit of blaring pop music – there were some deals to be had in some of the local tourist bars.

New things I learned about Turkish cuisine? Homous and halloumi aren’t on every menu!! In Turkey halloumi is called hellim. After some quick googling I realised that it originates from Cyprus.

As predicted the scrappy looking kebab shops are the best place for flavoursome, tender and freshly cooked grilled meat.

Our favourite place didn’t look like much and didn’t serve drinks but MAN was it tasty.

Up the road from our apartment in Gumbet was a place called Sul Mare. Their food was such good quality and the view!!! Amazing. Sitting on the balcony as the sun dipped beneath the hills was heavenly.

We spent three days over at Yahsi beach, a short bus ride away. The buses were run on an amazing system. You stand roughly in the direction was want to go (they do follow routes) and flag a minibus down…. Hand the money over to the driver and tell him where you are going and he’ll drop you off along the route. It’s chaotic but it works and everyone pays their fare, stands up for those less able to sit and is courteous and kind. Puts London commuting to shame.

Viras restaurant didn’t look like it would have the best food on the beach, but the grilled sea bass at Viras was divine and set us back a fiver each.

And of course – what else is there to do afterwards but grab my book, hit the beach, grab a lounger and indulge in a piña colada.






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