So how DO you get home from Heathrow at 2am?

PLANNING a holiday can be complex.

Not only do you have to find a pal to drag with you (what, everyone you know wants to go to Ibiza? Oh, that’s easy then), you have to sort your flights, accommodation and which bars have the most exciting cocktails on offer.

Heathrow is also an idea airport for Londoners as you can travel there on the tube. Hurrah! No exorbitant fees for getting to your flight on time.

It takes about 1.5-2hrs from Central London though so don’t be fooled into missing your flight.

There’s something indulgent about browsing duty free (which never seems that cheap), and enjoying a coffee (ok a g&t) before you take off so leave plenty of time.

When you arrive back in London, exhausted, rolling off your flight that was unusually cheap and you realise that it’s actually 2am and you have no idea how to get home… A hotel near Heathrow airport could be a bit of a life-saver.

I did this once when I arrived back from a girls holiday to Majorca. However, I was so hungover I ended up at the wrong hotel. When I got to the place I’d booked, I washed my hair with moisturiser instead of the luxury shampoo they had provided.

But hey, waking up after 10 hours sleep to a hotel breakfast and clean sheets…. What a lush way to finish your holiday.

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