EXCLUSIVE: Hollyoaks’ Tamaryn Payne and Holly Weston for Pillow Magazine

HOLLYOAKS and high fashion. Not two words you’d usually associate together. So when an email popped into my inbox asking to do a Pillow Mag-style fashion shoot with new cast members Tamaryn Payne and Holly Weston, the team were packed up and sent off to Liverpool to work their magic.

The two girls join Hollyoaks Community College tonight alongside new boys Tom Scurr, Calvin Demba and David Atkin.

In the show blonde actress Holly plays rock chick Ash Kane, always with a hangover or doing her best to get a hangover for the next morning. She’s a rebel and in no hurry to settle down. Tamaryn plays perfectionist Annalise Appleton. She’s moved in with her boyfriend and is trying to be all grown up, only to find that he always wants to go out and party.

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine

Holly (L) coat H&M; Tamaryn (R) coat MONKI

The girls loved being in front of the Pillow lens. Tamaryn said: “I love doing that sort of fashion thing, because you can sort of perform, it’s quite creative.”

And Holly added: “Yes the shoot was brilliant, it was a really location on the beach in amongst all the sand dunes. It was really nice, the pictures were really nice and natural, it wasn’t what you usually expect from Hollyoaks so it was really cool.”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine


Light-haired Holly has been acting since she was a child. “It was kind of smaller parts on TV and a couple of low budget films, stuff like that.”

“I’d love to do more film. I’d love to get into that. Not necessarily Hollywood, I’d just love to do some cool low-budget stuff. As long as it’s stuff that I think that is good, that would make me happy.”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine


And if she could join the cast of any other C4 show?

“I would love to do comedy. I’d love to be in something like the Inbetweeners. That would be really cool. I haven’t seen [the film], I haven’t had a chance. I’m dying to see it. I love that show.”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine


But despite being a seasoned performer, she’s not ready for the fame that will naturally follow joining the cast of such a high-profile and well-loved series.

“I’m just hoping no one recognises me or anything because I won’t know what to say, I’ll just feel really silly. It’s a bit nervous like that, and having to sign things for people I was like ‘Oh no, what do I write, why do they want my autograph?’”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine


Dark-haired Tamaryn trained in London and then picked up an agent soon after she graduated. “I did a theatre tour, I did a music video, commercials, little bits and bobs, which was great but then I felt like I was really for the next step. Luckily I got the [Hollyoaks] audition and I got it, which was amazing! So here I am!

“I haven’t really thought about [fame]  much, and I probably should, James [Atherton] who plays Will was saying it’s the fourth most watched programme or something. Crazy. It’s literally like millions of people isn’t it. Mental. I don’t think I’ve got my head round it yet. I think it’ll be a bit more of a reality when we’re actually on telly and I’m getting all my friends saying, ‘oh my God, I saw you’, I don’t know what it’s going to be like yet, but just try and take it one stride.”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine

Holly (L), polo neck worn underneath H&M; Jumper MONKI; Necklace TATTY DEVINE; Tamaryn (R), scarf MONKI; Coat MONKI

If she hadn’t scored the part in Hollyoaks, Tamaryn would be eyeing up a role in gritty teen drama Skins. But she already has other plans for all the newcomers to appear on another series. “We want to try and do a Come Dine With Me special with the freshers. Wouldn’t it be amazing? Calvin who plays Scott has never lived away from home so it’d be like cheese on toast and stuff and would be really funny. That would be mega!”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine

Hat MONKI; Dress LEE; Shirt worn underneath FRENCH CONNECTION

Tamaryn was a fan of Hollyoaks before she joined the cast, and has admitted that this has made her more nervous about the role.

She said: “I didn’t get into acting because I wanted to be famous. The good thing about it is if it gets your profile up and more people in the industry recognise you and respect you, then that can be a good thing. It’s nice, it should be a nice thing.

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine

Coat H&M; Leggings H&M; Socks STYLIST'S OWN; Shoes OFFICE

So will we see her falling out of clubs and eating kebabs off the floor at 3am? “I’m going to try not to be! I mean, I love a big night out, but I shall try and be well behaved. The thing is that you’ve got quite a young following with Hollyoaks, and I don’t want to set a bad example. Again, it comes with the territory now that you’ve got to think about these things whereas before I didn’t have to think about it. I’ll try and be responsible I promise!”

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

STYLING: Rachel Caulfield

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mark Shearwood

HAIR & MAKE-UP: Cassie Steward at PHA Agency using Illamasqua and Fudge Haircare.


Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine




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