The beach, a book and a bloomin’ big cocktail (and bad-ass kebabs) … Bodrum, Turkey

THE sure-fire sign that I’ve ‘arrived’ on holiday is relaxing in the sun with a piña colada. Its a little ritual I’ve picked up along the way of my many ...

The Beauty Review: Hairy Jane Hair Perfumes

JUST when you think you’ve come across every type of product, a new one comes along to knock your socks off. I can’t believe I’ve never tried hair perfumes before. ...

The Film Review: The Guest

FOLLOWING on from his inventive home invasion horror flick You’re Next, Adam Wingard’s following feature, The Guest, is a slightly more restrained yet surprisingly enjoyable thriller. Dan Stevens (in flawless ...

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The Review: Human + Kind

I WAS chatting on FaceTime one night last month, when – in the muddle of a conversation – I was surprised to be cheerfully informed that I have a dark patch of skin, clearly visible on my face. After many moments poring over the mirror I decided to use a natural, paraben-free skin lightening cream more »

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The Review: Moisturising Body Sorbets from The Body Shop

BODY moisturisers are something I’ve never quite got to grips with. Body butter, soufflés, milks, cremes, it’s something I want to master as part of my daily beauty routine, but it just doesn’t quite seem to fit. For my face, I adore a night cream, a serum, an eye cream… The list goes on. But more »

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The Review: VERSO Travel Series

I LOVE travel products. There is something epically satisfying about luxe products in tiny packaging. When that packaging is exceptionally designed, it makes the experience even more of a pleasure. Packing a suitcase and nestling your travel beauties in with your summer clothes has endless appeal. So let’s talk about VERSO’s travel trio. It contains more »

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Stylish pearl jewellery doesn’t have to cost the Earth

WHEN you think of pearls, you may be mistaken in thinking that they are all really expensive and possibly unachievable on your budget. This could be the case if you are after some natural pearls as these beauties are extremely rare and hard to come across so quite rightly, they come with a hefty price more »

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The Film Review: Lucy

THERE are two main draws for this movie. One: the return to form of Luc Besson, director of such acclaimed films as Leon and The Fifth Element. Two: a leading role for Scarlett Johansson – one full of gunplay, superpowers and general ass-kickery that flirts with being the nearest thing we are going to get more »

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Important question: What denim will you be investing in this autumn?

A PAIR of perfect jeans is pretty much the Holy Grail of fashion. They aren’t easy to find but when you slip on the ones that will transform your wardrobe (ok your life), you won’t regret all that time seeking them out. We love AG Jeans from fashion site Trilogy. The label was founded in more »

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Bargains on Autumn Menswear

SUMMER is drawing to a close and soon it will seem like a distant memory (sob!) But one good thing about autumn is the fashion, boys included, and there’s a couple of great ranges with some quiiite intriguing bargains on offer. Liam Gallagher may have been in the press recently more for his personal life more »

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London – you may be our fave fashion capital, but summer hasn’t been long enough!

THERE may be a few fashion capitals around the world, but can any of them compare to London? Women look impossibly chic in France, impeccably dressed in NYC but nothing compares to the eclectic style that floods every street in the capital of England. As the sun takes off his hat and starts to put more »

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So how DO you get home from Heathrow at 2am?

PLANNING a holiday can be complex. Not only do you have to find a pal to drag with you (what, everyone you know wants to go to Ibiza? Oh, that’s easy then), you have to sort your flights, accommodation and which bars have the most exciting cocktails on offer. Heathrow is also an idea airport more »

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The Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

ONE of the most anticipated cinema releases of the summer, Guardians of the Galaxy has a lot riding on it. On one hand, it represents Marvel’s foray into unknown territory – a raucous space opera that is self-aware, irreverent and features some of the their more obscure comic book characters – prior to the film’s more »

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