My top 3 mid-range beauty brands that are worth every penny

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The Review: Body Shop’s Bath Jelly

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My favourite bath oil for a cold winter’s eve

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The hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner

IN SCHOOL a friend and I decided that having clean hair meant we had a good day… Scruffy, unwashed hair meant trouble was on the cards. 20 years later (yikes am I really 32?) I still religiously washed my hair every day, fearful of what tangled locks may bring me (caveat: excluding hangover days, obvs). more »

The Film Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

WHILST long time fans of the Turtles legacy – be it the animated series of the late 80s/early 90s more »

What a girl wants?

NO, we’re not talking about the 90’s hit song, but raising a question that has baffled men for over centuries – just what is it that that us women want? Besides fashion and a caring partner, all women love to have fun! A night out at a local pub or a night in at the comfort of more »

The beach, a book and a bloomin’ big cocktail (and bad-ass kebabs) … Bodrum, Turkey

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The Beauty Review: Hairy Jane Hair Perfumes

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The Film Review: The Guest

FOLLOWING on from his inventive home invasion horror flick You’re Next, Adam Wingard’s following feature, The Guest, is a slightly more restrained yet surprisingly enjoyable thriller. Dan Stevens (in flawless all-American mode) stars at David, a mysterious military man who arrives at the home of a grieving family, claiming to have previously served with their more »

The Review: VERSO Travel Series

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London – you may be our fave fashion capital, but summer hasn’t been long enough!

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